A Variety of Games and Campaigns in 2019 As Well, on the Air of Radio N-JOY

The radios part of the bTV Radio Group, give advertisers the chance to become part of unique and multi-layered games and campaigns to attract and retain listeners

The range of the radio channels of bTV Radio Group, and the content they create, offer unique opportunities for memorable, outstanding and effective campaigns. Over the years, the radios part of the bTV Media Group - N-JOY, bTV Radio - have proven themselves to be successful in creating multi-layered content and developing large-scale games involving a large number of listeners with diverse interests. Over the years, many campaigns have been implemented that have been successful with consumers and partners. Some of them were successfully conducted jointly with various companies and organizations. By participating in these initiatives, they report better positioning and brand recognition among desired target audiences.

In 2019 as well, the team of Radio N-JOY has planned a variety of sponsored games in the radio program. In February, Radio N-JOY launched a new three-week game with "looking for the summer" gifts - branded suitcases, airplane tickets, exotic countries and a lot of hit music. Together with partners from Samsonite and Qatar Airways, the radio hosts the adventure game "Find the Summer with Samsonite and Qatar Airways".

From February 18 to March 15, listeners of Radio N-JOY have the opportunity to join a series of travels in exotic countries, to win branded suitcases and two-way airline tickets for two to a destination of their choice. Every day on the radio, the hosts reveal curious, little-known facts about landmarks, climate, cultural heritage, and useful tips for travelling to the Philippines, Zanzibar, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Every day, sponsors receive a saturated presence with live and promo announcements, as well as added lines with curious information for travelers.

Every week, a winner will be selected on the air of the radio, to receive a luxurious suitcase for exotic trips. At the end of the campaign, directly on the air of Radio N-JOY, the grand winner will be announced, who will win airline return tickets for two to a destination of their choice!

Part of the games and campaigns scheduled for 2019 are the largest game in the radio air, "Inspector N-JOY", "Who is the Star of Radio N-JOY", "N-JOY Summer", and more.

If you are looking for a promotion partner for such games or want to join our campaigns, bTV Radio Group is your ideal choice.


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