bTV Celebrates 20th Anniversary – Closest To People And Enjoying Highest Viewer Trust – a Timeline Of Success

The TV station’s independence, social responsibility, and favorite faces enjoy the highest scores in the sector, according to a Market Links survey

bTV is proudly welcoming its 20th anniversary as a television channel that viewers feel closest to themselves and their values; a television station that is on their side, and a television they can trust. The data comes from a nationally representative survey carried out by Market Link in May 2020, which showed that bTV is the most independent TV channel in Bulgaria that is most engaged in social topics and is the home to the most popular and most loved faces on the small screen.

“The growing confidence our viewers have been placing with us is the biggest reward we are celebrating today. A lot has changed for the past 20 years, but bTV’s popularity among the TV audience remains unchanged. It is impressive that even in times when television is watched in new ways and the media environment has been evolving rapidly, bTV today is a symbol of independent journalism and the place for highest quality entertainment,” said bTV Media Group CEO Florian Skala.

bTV enjoys the sympathies of the highest number of viewers (over 41%) when it comes to the modern vision of its news and current affair shows. Being a technology innovator, over the years the media has been first to introduce HD broadcasts, 3D-mapping, 360˚ video, and augmented reality on air, as well as 360˚ livestream. The high-tech integrated studio, a unique innovation in CEE that bTV introduced in 2019, is in the Top 5 of the most world’s most prestigious media marketing and design competition. 




According to 33% of respondents in the Market Links survey, the television demonstrates the highest social engagement in terms of important topics such as environmental protection, education, health, etc. Every year, the messages of various initiatives in the field of children’s right protection, health, environmental protection, people at risk, and many more, reach viewers through bTV’s air for free. The media has repeatedly demonstrated its power to unite hundreds of thousands of volunteers for the sake of good causes. Its hosts, reporters, and editorial teams are personally engaged in many campaigns that benefit the public and, with their perseverance and success over the years, they have become established ambassadors of the good example in Bulgaria.

This is one of the reasons why over 38% of respondents in the Market Links survey say that the TV channel’s team is home to the most popular and most loved faces on air. At the same time, more than 32% feel these faces are people who are close to them and people they can trust. Every year, the TV channel’s hosts and journalists get recognition for their high professionalism and work to the benefit of society through multiple prestigious awards.

 Another recent survey announced several days ago showed bTV Media Group is the most desired employer in the media sector in Bulgaria in 2020, according to the Employer of Choice ranking of Bulgaria’s top 100 employers. For years, bTV has also been Bulgaria’s strongest consumer brand, according to an independent survey carried out by global organization Superbrands in Bulgaria.

All that has been achieved so far would not have been possible without the support of you, our partners and the excellent cooperation that we have been cultivating with every year.

Thank you that together we build on the unlimited possibilities in favor of the brands on our market. Together we set a sustainable path to grow even more successfully, and bring to life projects that remain in the audience focus for a long time.

*A national representative survey carried out by Market Links among an excerpt of 1,224 individuals aged 18-54, implemented using the method of direct personal interview in the period May 18-26, 2020.