bTV Media Group Provides Opportunities for Building Successful Communication Campaigns by Co-branding of Main IDs and Connecting to High-Quality TV Productions 

The specially developed co-branding of the favorite comedy channel bTV Comedy was part of the overall Magnum ice cream communication, which led to a rise in the market share of the brand

bTV COMEDY – Co-branding of Main IDs 

Client: Froneri Bulgaria

Brand: Magnum

Season: Summer 2017

Channels: bTV Comedy


The goal of the campaign is to strengthen Magnum's leadership position as the Iconic Youngster brand in the Partnership category. The communication support for the client Froneri Bulgaria is provided through a specially developed co-branding of the viewers’ favorite comedy channel bTV Comedy, as well as by broadcasting a television clip.

Activities: Special branding on bTV Comedy, TVC

The Magnum brand is integrated into the channel's main IDs through funny product shots of the protagonist - the black sheep. Placed in comedy content that satisfies the need for fun, the character of the sheep creates a positive experience in a new way and builds proximity to the audience, in sync with the entertainment profile of the channel.

Innovative and influential in the context of various fun situations, the black sheep attracts audience attention, promotes brand values ​​and improves all levels of brand reputation.

The unorthodox approach to the overall communication led to an increase in the market share of Magnum ice-cream by 15.40% in 2017, and increased sales by 18% in 2017 compared to the results for 2016.*

*Source: Magnum, Case Study – The Black Sheep Campaign



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