bTV's New Bulgarian Show - "Scars" – Enters Into Production

The deepest and most real human emotions, intertwined in complex family relationships, will excite fans of quality productions

bTV and production company Midwest have started work on the new weekly Bulgarian TV series "Scars" - a story of passionate love, ambitions, complicated family relationships, scary and deeply kept secrets and complex life choices. The contemporary family drama is filmed according to all global cinema standards of the highest quality.

"Scars" will take viewers into the multi-layered world of a Bulgarian family, marked by love, hate, difficult decisions and visibly unbearable consequences. The series will lift the curtain on the complexity of intra-family relationships and cover eternal personal and life themes - when you need to defend your love, when you need to compromise, what is your personal life choice about what kind of person you want to be.

The role in "Scars" will be the Bulgarian television series debut of the Bulgarian-Finnish model and actress Vera Yordanova, who made her debut in American cinema in a film by Quentin Tarantino. The successful actress Anastasia Lyutova will also have her debut with a leading role in a television series, and together with Vera, they will reveal the complex relationship between two sisters. Among the other actors in the production are some of the most established names in the native cinema and theater, such as the star of the bTV air Ivo Arakov, the actor Valentin Ganev and others.

The directors of "Scars" are Drago Sholev, who worked on the successful Bulgarian films "The Pig", "Shelter", the documentary "Now and Forever", the short films "Before Life, After Death", "The Mediator", etc., Stanislav Todorov - Rogi, director of a series of successful Bulgarian series ("More Sofia Citizens", "House Arrest", "Sunny Beach", "She and He", etc.) and films ("Bubble Gum") and Petar Krumov - film director and writer, winner at a number of prestigious awards, author of the book "Hearse, two rhinos", the short film "Shame" and others.

Some of the starring cast:

Vera Yordanova is a Bulgarian-Finnish model and actress. She has worked for names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Thierry Mugler, Isabel Marant, Claude Montana, Guy Matiolo and many others. Her performances as an actress began in Finland, where she starred in several series, and in 2007 debuted in American cinema - as Axel in Tarantino's film "The Hotel of Horrors: Part 2".

Anastasia Lyutova is a successful theater actress, winner of prestigious Bulgarian and international awards. Among them are "Icarus" in 2006 for debut and in 2016 for a leading female role, award for best female role at the international theater festival for chamber forms "ArtOkraina" in St. Petersburg 2011 and others. She has starred in the films "Zift", "The Omnipresent" and others.