A Kindergarten Party Of The Dads Sets Off The Challenges In The New Family Series Of bTV - "Daddies"

The new premiere show kicks off on bTV at 18:00 from 20.09.

One of the largest Bulgarian productions on television - the series "Daddies" - starts on September 20 on bTV and will be broadcast every weekday from 18:00. With the first episode, the family comedy will captivate the audience with the incredible stories in the life of each of the characters. In light of unexpectedly serious and confused family ties and relationships, each of the fathers has to cope with the first challenge - the celebration of fruits and vegetables in kindergarten, in which each of them has a major role.

With "Daddies" bTV marks the beginning of a new strategy for television, related to the series and the creation of Bulgarian content in a new genre - a comedy drama with a family character. We believe that such content is needed by both the viewers and the market as a whole. This is a daily, positive series, in which there are several very important things - the children and the way in which topics from modern life are intertwined in this modern series. "- says Hristo Hadjitanev, programming director of bTV Media Group.

And while three of the actors - Pavel Ivanov, Filip Bukov and Stoyan Doychev embark on the venture without any experience as "daddies", Hristo Padev begins to "learn on the go" because he became a father exactly on the day he appeared on the casting for the role of father. Coincidentally or not, in the first episode of "Daddies" he is about to become an uncle for the third time. And the credit for this goes to Stoyan Doychev, who is expecting his first child from his second wife.


Pavel Ivanov and Filip Bukov will enter into a sharp conflict, clashing both literally and figuratively in the first episode. Stefan Danailov's students from his last classes will play the characters of two extremely different fathers in terms of lifestyle and mentality – one is a widower completely devoted to his daughter (Pavel Ivanov as Todor), and the other - Filip Bukov - the freedom-loving lawyer, connoisseur of female beauty who refuses to accept the fact that he has become a father.

"We were looking for actors to carry the talent with them. Based on the characters of the "daddies", we also chose the ladies so that we could build individual characters, between which to get incredible chemistry. Then came the selection of children who are extremely natural, "says producer Evtim Miloshev.

For the high level of realization of the joint production of bTV and Dream Team, almost 2 decares of filming site have been built. The sets of the series include 11 different sets (recreating the homes and workplaces of the characters) and is suitable for year-round work. And despite the busy 12-hour working day, Yana Titova says that her job as a director of the series is like going to a "spa", because during the filming process there is peace, understanding and professionalism. The other members of the team are also extremely serious, because "in addition to humor and all the fun events and stories in which the characters fall, we talk about extremely important and serious things - such as the relationship between parents and children, relationships between generations, problems in society, which the family environment can create and solve ", adds Pavel G. Vesnakov, creative producer and director of "Daddies".

Both relevant and comical, the series is a fresh reading of the idea of fatherhood and family in the modern world. The story traces the lives of four fathers with different social, family and life status. The roles of the modern fathers will be played by some of the best and most current Bulgarian actors Filip Bukov (as Alex), Stoyan Doychev (as Rado), Pavel Ivanov (as Todor) and Hristo Padev (as). Slavi), and their characters will no doubt become favorites of the audience. The roles of the ladies who successfully confuse the lives of the four friends are entrusted to Stephanie Ivailo, Jacqueline Georgieva, Kate Nichols, Silvia Dragieva and Kristina Veroslavova. The children, for whose attention, love and respect the four characters will fight, will be played by Filip Nikolov, Elis Bakalova, Emilia Racheva, Ivan Nikolov, Martin Mitkov, Kaloyan Iliev and Aya Aleksieva. In separate episodes, the cast is joined by many guest stars such as Vasil Banov, Albena Pavlova and others.