Impressive Start of the Fall Season of bTV Media Group

This autumn as well, bTV relies on top productions with uncompromising quality and growing audience interest

This autumn as well, bTV relies on top productions with uncompromising quality and growing audience interest

The most memorable television event for 2017 (per Market Links, 2018) - The Farm - returned on bTV air on 07.09.2018 with new elements and the promise for an even more intense and exciting season. Over 49% of all viewers in front of the television screen watched the first episode.  At the peak of audience interest, the show gathered more than 1,227,000 viewers (All 4+) in front of the TV screen. Thanks to the precise and diverse selection of contestants this year, The Farm: Unification attracts different groups from the audience.

Фермата графика

The kick off of The Farm 4 was the top choice of the young audience (18-34) - 52,5% of them enjoyed bTV´s hit prime time show.

The interest in The Farm is growing with each season and by the end of the format it is expected to outperform the results from season 3.

Фермата графика

The fans of quality Bulgarian television cinema will watch the continuation of the hit dramedy series bTV Dear Heirs from September 17, every weekday from 6 pm and up to seven days after broadcasting at Within 70 episodes, the events in the beautiful village of Beli Vit will become even more dynamic, loaded with emotions, action, intrigue, clashes between the love for money and the love for the country. Traditions and modernity will seek a way for coexistence, and the chance for a new beginning will awaken entrepreneurship, but also the more ruthless moves in the game of business.

With the first 100 episodes broadcast in the spring, Dear Heirs became a phenomenon that has changed the way viewers and online users consume quality television content. Every month, the production was among the most watched programs on the air, and thanks to Dear Heirs, the video views at the catch-up platform increased to over 5 million.


Dear Heirs

The program schedule of bTV for the fall season includes one of the most successful culinary shows - Food Hunters. The third season of the show, in which MasterChef Andre Tokev travels across the country to seek out original and home-made Bulgarian cuisine, will start in October. The direct relationship between the host and ordinary people, the stories by local producers about their products, the strolls around interesting geographic landmarks in regions of the country with typical culinary offerings will continue to attract viewers from all target groups. The results of the previous two seasons demonstrate the indisputable leadership of the culinary show in the slot.

Food Hunters

bTV’s productions of bTV in the new season give advertisers the ultimate opportunity to reach a huge audience and connect their brands and products to high-quality content. Thanks to the rich experience of the team of bTV Media Group and its strong content, advertisers can be confident that a successful advertising campaign will be created for them.

More information about the shows in the new season can be found here.

Source: GARB


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