Market Links: bTV With The Most Professional And Impartial Coverage Of The Elections

Approval of bTV news and current affairs among the youngest adult viewers is growing

The most impartial TV source of information during the campaign for the early elections and election day is again bTV, according to data from a nationally representative survey by Market Links *, conducted immediately after July 11. According to them, over 35% of the respondents point to bTV as the television that is furthest from political parties and the official government, as well as with the most professional coverage of the vote. The media receives the highest score on this indicator from young people aged 18-24 - from 44.5% of them.

Using the power of quality current affairs journalism, outdoor virtual reality, interesting guests and live broadcasts from dozens of hot spots in the country and abroad, in the election July 11 bTV Media Group offered viewers, listeners and online users a real visual spectacle to reflect the highlights of vote. The distinguished bTV hosts spoke with reputable guests, top experts and analysts both in the 360-degree studio "The New Parliament: We Choose Again" and in front of the parliament building.

The trend outlined in the current Market Links survey confirms the findings of independent surveys by the ** IPSOS and *** Noema agencies, conducted in May 2021, following the regular parliamentary elections. Most viewers, respectively 34.8% and 34.9% of respondents in the IPSOS and Noema surveys, most often choose to watch bTV. The television is also the first channel on which the most viewers chose - 42.7% (IPSOS) and 37.2% ("Noema") of the respondents in the surveys, respectively.

The high assessment of the audience for the coverage of the vote in the channels of bTV is visible from the growing interest in the information on the site and the social platforms of bTV News on election day and immediately after it. On July 11 and 12, the media news site reported over 1.5 million visits, nearly 160% more than the previous week. The video views of on July 11 and 12 increased by 175%, to over 116,000 compared to a week earlier. (Source: Google Analytics).

Nearly 35.5% of viewers will choose bTV again to follow the campaign for the autumn presidential election, verifying the strength of the impressive 360-degree techniques used by professionals in the newsroom of bTV Media Group.

* According to data from an express survey by Market Links among 518 people aged 18-54, conducted on July 14, 2021.

** According to data from a nationally representative survey by IPSOS conducted in May 2021 among 1,038 respondents aged 18-54.

*** According to data from a nationally representative survey by Noema, conducted in May 2021 among 1,038 respondents aged 18-54.