"The Bachelor" Begins The Search Of The Lucky Lady To Win The Heart Of The Dream Man

We approach the start of the shooting for reality TV’s most exotic adventure, with the casting call beginning on July 12

Ladies who long to meet love and experience their romantic tale now have a unique chance to change their lives through the most exciting television adventure - "The Bachelor". From July 12, every woman who has not yet found her soul mate can take the first more unusual step towards happiness by signing up for a casting for the show at btv.bg.

Coming closer to the idea of the modern fairytale, the show’s concept relies on luxury, exotic settings and services that are not necessarily normally present in the lives of everyday people, which makes the show an exclusively premium TV product.

Тhe fabulous atmosphere of the show will transport the participants to a real paradise on Earth. One of the most romantic and exotic places in the world will be their "castle", where the contestants will live in exquisite luxury and unique nature. Hidden romantic bays, secluded gardens, unforgettable sunsets and most of all - a divine dawn, which will give rise to new emotions for the participants every day and will help the ladies find the right path to the heart of THE BACHELOR.

The distinct elements that reinforce the sense of romance and luxury turn “The Bachelor” into a show that presents a uniquely different from the real-life environment.

The path to a man’s heart will unveil a world where everyone would like to see themselves, because the pursuit of a good life is naturally set within human nature.

The reality show offers opportunities for integrated presence of brands that are or would like to be associated as premium. Some of the categories that represent great examples of that are high and low-spirit drinks, such as champagne, coffee, wine,; all types of food, cosmetics, make up, personal hygiene products, clothes and accessories, jewelry, cars, appliances and gadgets, telecommunication and many more.

Grab your chance to be one of them. Contact us and our team will offer all the fitting opportunities for your brand.