The Farm" Kicks Off On September 11 On bTV

The new season "Time to Awaken" unites the contestants in a noble mission

The long-awaited seventh season of "The Farm" starts on September 11 on bTV with a noble mission that will deeply touch the viewers and will remind them of the eternal Bulgarian values, traditions and spirituality. After six successful editions, the most positive reality TV show returns under the motto "Time to Awaken" and puts the contestants in their most significant and noble cause to date.


For several months, the contestants in "The Farm 7" will do everything in their power to breathe life into the abandoned Revival monastery "St. Archangel Michael" in the village of Shuma and together build a working farm to feed the monks. The upcoming competition will not only put the contenders to a severe test, but will also prove that there are battles in which personal comfort gives way in the name of a larger and more meaningful cause.


"In the most difficult times for Bulgaria, the monasteries preserved our language, nationality and faith. Behind their walls, the plans for the Liberation were thought up, "Slavo-Bulgarian History" was secretly transcribed, the rebellious newspapers of Rakovski, Karavelov and Botev were read, and revolutionary songs were sung. The temples are a priceless treasure, but today some of them are known to no one, and the work of the monks of yore has been forgotten," said the producers of the show.



The Monastery of St. Archangel Michael is one of the many proofs of this. According to legend, it was built in the 11th century, and was completely destroyed several centuries later. At the end of the 19th century, around 1863, it was discovered by a boy and rebuilt a few years later with the permission of the then authorities. Today, the monastery is forgotten and the few surviving buildings are maintained by locals. The seventh season of "The Farm" will return Bulgarians to the deeds, dreams and ideals of our ancestors, and with the work and will of the contestants will be given new life to the heritage that is collapsing before our eyes.


It is not the first time that "The Farm" on bTV manages to revive the dreams for a new beginning and to inspire many Bulgarians to rediscover their roots. In recent years, the show has established itself as the most constructive television show, recalling our age-old values ​​- hard work, unity, respect for the land and traditions, and managed to bring both contestants and viewers closer to nature and handicraft.