Back To School With bTV Media Group’s Special Digital Proposal

Get the audience ready with our thematic integration options

No matter how the new school year begins, September 15 is almost here and the children will be back in class in one form or another.

Parents will inevitably have to get their kids ready not only for school, but also for the challenges that might come up ahead during the classes.

 That is exactly why bTV Media Group is joining the process on board with a special digital proposal that aims to help advertisers organize and position their brand communication in a thematically oriented digital universe.

Our proposal includes the specialized sections across two of our biggest and most visited websites – & The content on the web properties includes Ladyzone’s latest “Back To School” topic, dedicated to all things related to classes and how they are positioned in an online environment, as well as the themed news and announcements on

We offer full web page branding on both web properties, as well as precise digital targeting through our DMP platform, addressed to parents with a selection of video, desktop display and mobile formats.

bTV Media Group’s mission to sustain a successful advertising environment for its partners is fully in motion with our TV programme as well, which also awaits for the upcoming first bell ring.

More information will be readily made available upon request, so do not hesitate to contact the Digital sales team on and discuss all the opportunities for your brand.