Four Ways To Promote Your Brand Through The Radio Segment "Do It Yourself"

Find out how with Radio N-JOY you can easily establish your products in the minds of consumers

You are a manufacturer of construction materials, tools or heavy equipment, but you want to communicate your products in an easy and fun way to end consumers? We at Radio N-JOY have a solution on how to make your wish a reality.

 1. Is there a problem? Let's define it

We created a special segment on the air of one of the largest radio stations in the country, called "The Master in You". Every Wednesday in it, the radio hosts will share information about the client's products and how they can be used. The voice from the radio will create different situations for the listeners, in which the brands in question can help. Imagine that "you are a young lady who has to renovate her bathroom," says the host. "The ceiling is moldy, the tiles are falling, the joints are broken - well, our partners have a solution to your problems," the voice continues.

2. Position your product in the mind of the consumer

The delicate positioning of your brand in a section aimed at improving their surroundings (say, talking about repairs) allows listeners to tie the brand name to a specific context. Positioning the product in the mind of the consumer is one of the main goals that every brand manager strives for.

3. Engage listeners through familiar voices

You know that when a friend recommends something to you, you are always more inclined to trust a brand or service that you do not normally use. Well, take it that our radio hosts are those acquaintances with whom thousands of listeners start their day every morning, drink their coffee or go to work with them. We will strengthen the interest and commitment of the listeners to your products by supporting the segments with live announcements from the hosts in the days before its broadcast.

4. Multiplying the effect

Enhancing the advertising campaign through promotional announcements on N-JOY radio will strengthen the sponsor's presence in the media environment, increase the audience to which the client's message reaches and multiply the effect of the campaign. With the help of all these standard and unorthodox forms of advertising we will familiarize the listeners with your products and their use.

If you too want to promote your brand through the radio segment "The Master in You" on Radio N-JOY and you can easily establish your products in the minds of consumers, see the attached offer and contact our consultants at