The High-Tech 360° Experience Returns To Inspire Bigger Emotions During The Live Finales

This season as well, bTV will offer its digital viewers the 360° Livestream adventure in the finals of "The Farm" and "The Voice of Bulgaria”

In sync with the increased viewership of entertainment productions, in the last season, the 360 finals of "The Farm" and "The Voice of Bulgaria" also marked a significant growth – by over 100% in viewership.

This season bTV will once again offer its advertisers a special offer to make them integral part of this technological challenge.

This year, too, two cameras will be used during the digital 360 final live. The special pedestals and the location of the cameras will contribute to an even more interactive feeling of the atmosphere during the contested finals.

Тhe 360 ° Livestream finale of Тhe Farm will continue its unique user experience from last season through a live show with host Miron Krumov. This special approach gives us an additional opportunities for brand integrations such as product placement and brand mentions during the streaming.

During the 360 ° Livestream finale of "The Voice of Bulgaria" the host will be the charming Alexandra Petkanova.

The overall sponsored communication in both 360° livestreams will be boosted across the TV and radio air with a targeted emphasis during the week of the finales.

Just before the big reveal, N-JOY and bTV Radio will combine airings of the sponsor’s creative message on a full-day basis, reaching two different audiences. Sponsorship tags will direct the listeners to the upcoming digital event.

The TV air of bTV will be broadcasting sponsored promo announcements, including live announcements from the hosts with verbal integration and mentioning of the brand and/or a brand message – and these are some of the highlights available on TV. The creative communication using alternative advertising forms such as sponsored promo tags and AR with suitable 3D objects are the successful formula to capture the attention of the wide audience that seeks to experience the emotion.

See how it works from last year's livestream straight from the finale of "The Farm".

For more details you can contact the "Digital Sales" team at, who will personally discuss every opportunity for your brand in the web world 360 live finals of "The Voice of Bulgaria" and "The Farm".