Radio - The Freedom To Choose and Speak Freely

The host at bTV Radio Tereza Zaharieva shares her views on the role of the media and journalism as a vocation

"Look. Let's look at the telegraph as a very, very long cat. When you pull on its tail in New York, its head meows in Los Angeles. Do you understand? Radio operators are the same. One sends signals from here and another receives them there. The only difference is that there is no cat. ”This is what Einstein said when he was asked what radio was in the 1920s. So far so good, but that's his answer from 100 years ago. Then the radio was the absolute rock star, but very soon after, the applause went to the appearance of television. And so the radio quickly understands how the newspapers felt after its appearance - in serious danger! You don't have to be Einstein today to know how the classic media looks at the all-consuming internet - we have Google, artificial intelligence and an infinite number of "cats". Although the coin always has two sides and as it turns out more and more often - competitors today can be more than excellent partners tomorrow.

The modern user can choose between Spotify, Apple Music and various podcasts. Why listen to the radio? Living in a time when you can choose from so many options is both a boon and a challenge. However, the classic media worldwide are pressed not only by new technologies, but also by the boom of fake news. In our country, the feeling of real journalism is like an endangered species that must be defended, supported, protected from constant attempts at pressure and interference from all sides. But it continues to exist because of the journalists themselves, for whom this profession is a mission.

And now is the time to ask, have you heard of Sean Hannity? If you're not interested in American politics, you probably haven't come across his name, but this is the man every great politician in the United States has to go through. Sean Hannity is an American conservative political commentator, host of a talk show on the FOX News Channel and hosts his own radio show, The Sean Hannity Show, with 11 million listeners each week. Logically, in view of the channel's editorial policy since its inception, Donald Trump is a frequent guest and Hannity is one of the first people with whom the US president commented on his coronavirus disease. But why does a man like Hannity, one of the most popular political journalists in the United States with a serious online and television presence and part of the Forbes list of the 100 best paid celebrities for 2019, continue his radio show? The answer is very simple. Because there is someone to listen to him. Another matter is what he says and how much we can trust the information he provides.

In Bulgaria as well, there is someone to listen. Now, more than ever, it is extremely important to talk. More than 15 years ago, I made my first steps in journalism in radio. There I learned that every word placed in the right place can bring change. To build and destroy worlds. Four years ago, I had one foot out, disgusted by the "ugly truth" that was trying to catch the profession in its tentacles. But then a new opportunity appeared - bTV Radio. And today I am in front of the radio microphone again to do the journalism I believe in.

The media environment, not only in Bulgaria but all over the world, is becoming increasingly insecure. We rely on all who read, listen and watch us to be with us as we stand up for the values ​​of journalism. Expect new topics in the show "The important thing said out loud" with me, Tereza Zaharieva and my colleague Lili Angelova, where we will continue to present the current topics of the day in an objective and impartial way - the only one that the Bulgarian audience needs.