Alex Аnd Dani Petkanovi In A Fresh Summer Collaboration With Familia Galaxy

Two of the most popular and beloved faces in bTV Media Group cool off with the new flavors of ice cream - strawberry and melon

The longstanding partner of bTV Media Group - Froneri Bulgaria, who participated in some of the most innovative and memorable projects in collaboration with the media on and off the air, chose the charming family of Alex and Dani Petkanovi as advertising faces of the new fresh flavors of Familia Galaxy - strawberry and melon.

In addition to everyday life, the family is partnering in the brand's new video, which can be seen on bTV Media Group. In addition to placement on the television air, we enhanced the communication for the Familia Galaxy summer campaign by positioning the product on the social networks of Dani and Alex, who have a huge loyal audience in their Facebook and Instagram profiles. Dani Petkanov is part of the super duo hosting Bulgaria's Got Talent, whose finale this year blew up the audience in the spring, and we're due to see Alex Petkanova again in the role of digital host of the new season of the Voice of Bulgaria this fall.


This project is another example in which a brand trusts the popular faces of bTV Media Group to build its overall communication around the promotion of its product. Choosing from the bSTARS portfolio, our partners trust individuals who, thanks to the sincerity and discipline they follow in their work, have built themselves up as opinion leaders.


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