Behind The Curtains In The Kitchen Of The Best

bSTARS enhances the positioning of brands in the consumer consciousness: the star culinary jury-trio of MasterChef in the role of brand ambassadors for some of the most successful brands on the Bulgarian market

The jury of MasterChef - Chef Andre Tokev, Chef Sylvena Rowe, and Chef Mihalchev - are some of the most popular and experienced professionals in the field of cuisine in our country. Each of them impresses with their individual approach to food and their innovative techniques in the kitchen. Every year, the selection of recipes with which they challenge the contestants in MasterChef, become occasions for engaging conversations among the numerous fans of the format on social media. For another year we work together with our partners to implement memorable, meaningful and interesting projects, at the center of which are brands in collaboration with the three chefs.

Undoubtedly, the trio are ambassadors of the favorite culinary format of the Bulgarian audience - MasterChef. With their proven experience and established image, they enhance the partnerships with some of the most successful brands on the Bulgarian market. Tying their characteristic cooking methods and their own interpretation of the culinary art, Chef Rowe, Chef Tokev and Chef Mihalchev carry their authentic original style in each collaboration and reinforce the messages of the brands in their contact with the audience.

As individuals standing behind their name with the weight of their numerous years of experience and reputation in the world and in Bulgaria, the three chefs from the bSTARS portfolio realize many emblematic communication collaborations with the longtime partners of bTV Media Group. We invite you to recall some of them.

This is what distinguishes all individuals within the bSTARS portfolio - the consistent implementation of their talents in a variety of projects with a huge power- both on air and in many other points of communication that are useful to brands. Share your idea and our expert team will offer the most appropriate opportunity to associate and collaborate with our entire stellar portfolio.

An Eastern Taste 

Chef Petar Mihalchev is the recognizable symbol of Japanese cuisine in our country. Following the principles of perseverance and diligence in the kitchen, at the end of 2020 Chef Mihalchev became an ambassador of a campaign for Telenor, communicating the third consecutive Best in Test certificate, awarded by the company for measuring mobile networks umlaut. Chef Mihalchev is partnering with the well-known performer from "The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show" – Preya, and the Olympic champion Mirela Demireva, to recreate the symbols of success, in its various forms, achieved with great perseverance.

At the beginning of 2021, viewers once again recognized chef Petar Mihalchev as the face of the kitchen appliances of the longtime partner of bTV Media Group - Bosch. In a series of 6 master classes, the videos illustrated a variety of recipes, including appliances from the brand's product catalog. The campaign was also successfully launched at a point of sale, digital space and in posts on Bosch's social networks.

The official partner of MasterChef - Shumensko beer chose chef Mihalchev to build their long-term communication. He created 10 special original recipes, perfectly accompanying the taste of Shumensko beer, to be distributed in a point of sale, partner restaurants, as well as in the digital space. The respected member of the jury became part of a special TV clip dedicated to the national consumer promotion of Shumensko beer in the summer of 2021, which was also broadcast on bTV Media Group within 2 months. Make sure to check out all the campaign videos on Shumensko's official Facebook page.

Cooking with a cause

In the last few years, our Mastercard partners have partnered with Chef Sylvena Rowe in a series of exciting campaigns. In 2020, Chef Rowe and Mastercard revolutionized baby nutrition and emphasized on the importance of quality food for the little ones. Together, Mastercard and Chef Rowe offered Bulgarian parents the invaluable opportunity to provide their children with delicious and healthy gourmet food, created especially for them in the form of the New Bulgarian Children's Menu.

Again, together with bSTARS and all three chefs, Mastercard sent an extremely important message, namely the protection of the bee population in our country, by challenging Chef Rowe, Chef Mihalchev and Chef Tokev to present in a series of special Masterclasses their reading of dishes prepared with products that would not exist on our planet if the bees disappeared. The three chefs showed that they can prepare great meals with limited products, but also but called on all of us not to allow the distinction of the diversity on our planet Earth, and to protect the bees.

Professionalism without compromise

Together with Chef Tokev for another year bSTARS is working with the Ariel brand of the giant Procter & Gamble. Chef Tokev has been an ambassador of the brand for several years, standing behind the brand with his unconditional professionalism and requirements for uncompromising quality. As part of the partnership, we completed 2 TV campaigns with videos and integration of alternative forms, materials at the point of sale, as well as posts on Ariel's social networks. Chef Tokev will continue his exciting partnership with the brand in the coming year.

In 2021, together with Chef Tokev, we launched a joint partnership with Tefal kitchen appliances. Within 12 months, the leading force of the show "Food Hunters" Chef Tokev will participate in exciting campaigns for various products of the brand.

We invite you to take the opportunity to associate your brand with the recognizable faces on the screen and the virtual universe of bTV Media Group. With the strength of the content and the established image of the opinion leaders from the bSTARS portfolio, you will give a new impetus to the well-told stories of your brand.