Welcome To The Kitchen Of Chef Sylvena Rowe From The MasterChef Jury

“My kitchen” - the latest book of the queen of healthy and tasty eating has become a hit within mere hours

In September 2021 on the Bulgarian market was the premiere of the new cookbook of Chef Sylvena Rowe - "My Kitchen". The book was presented for the first time on bTV in the shows "Before Noon" and "120 minutes" and through the social media profiles of Chef Rowe, and was almost entirely sold out on pre-order, blocking twice the publisher's website. Within hours, the book topped the rankings for the most searched titles.

The mission of the publication is to serve as a guide in understanding nutrition. In addition to fuel for our body, food is also medicine. In his latest book, Chef Rowe collects 130 culinary masterpieces and shares with his readers all his knowledge about combining ingredients and balancing them in everyday nutrition. Because knowledge is power.

Chef Rowe welcomed fans into her kitchen to enjoy delicious, nutritious and easy-to-do recipes to help them prepare food in a healthy way and make their lives much more productive.

She tells her story, in which she dedicates the last twelve years to a journey focused on health and healthy eating habits. A journey that will continue on bTV next spring season with a culinary and lifestyle show with the Queen of Rice in the lead role.