The Cast Of “Sunny Beach” Returns For the Show’s Second Season, Joined By Some Legendary Faces

The filming of the romantic comedy kicks off with laughter and great mood: Anya Pencheva and Kiril Efremov join the all-star cast

Beloved Bulgarian actors enter the second season of the hit series on bTV, "Sunny Beach". The legendary beauty Anya Pencheva, known for her dozens of roles in theater, film and television, and her colleague Kiril Efremov are two of the new faces joining the team of the popular comedy, whose filming is already about to begin. The two will energize the TV screen with a lot of laughter and pleasant emotions.


The dazzling Anya Pencheva will play the role of the airheaded Rosalia. In "Sunny Beach" her character is the mother of the lifeguard Mladen, brilliantly played by Ivo Arakov. "He's great! "Both in life, and on the screen, I've got great kids! To enter "Sunny Beach" is a real pleasure. We live in a nightmarish time of fear and stress, and one needs to smile at something colorful and cheerful," Pencheva said. Unlike her, Kiril Efremov decided to keep his role a secret and thus create a tense anticipation around his character.

A few hours before the start of filming for the second season of "Sunny Beach", Ivo Arakov met with his screen partner Lydia Indjova at the airport. The actress landed in Bulgaria from Brussels, where she has been living in recent years. "Expect the unexpected. My character will take a risky path and conquer Sunny Beach. Mladen will try to save her from herself and will dive into an emotional imbalance ", Indjova revealed.



In the end of March, viewers saw what happened to their favorite characters in the new, unaired episodes from the first season of "Sunny Beach". The show continues with full speed to ensure an emotional on-screen experience in the upcoming season.