The Greatest Adventure Reality Show, Survivor, Is Looking For its Heroes For A New Season On bTV

The new season comes under the motto "Outwit. Outplay. Outlast ”, ready to catch generations of Bulgarians in front of the screen again

After five successful seasons on bTV and a 7-year hiatus, the greatest adventure reality show, Survivor, returns to find its new heroes. bTV is launching a casting call for a new season and invites all adults, ready for an unforgettable adventure and battle for survival, to sign up in the special section of the website.

With the start of production in Bulgaria in 2006, bTV went beyond national borders, executing a format that quickly became an audience favorite, that left behind iconic contestants, well known to the Bulgarian audience, including Yana Marinova, Gina Stoeva, Vanya Dzhaferovich, Anton Agontsev and others.



Surviving in the harshest conditions in a deserted exotic place remains a trademark for the new season of Survivor. Authentic challenges, physical and mental tests among the natural beauties of destinations unknown to the native audience will again put the participants on the edge of human capabilities.

The format returns under the motto "Outwit. Outplay. Outlast", looking for participants in our country who are motivated to prove that the triumph in the game is not just a matter of physical strength, but requires complex qualities such as a healthy mind and body, resourcefulness and strategic thinking.

 "We are very excited to announce the start of the castings for the new season of Survivor on bTV. Survivor is among the most extreme and high-budget reality TV formats with millions of fans around the world and in Bulgaria. I believe that the news of his return will excite the viewers and will motivate many people with strategic thinking and physical endurance to sign up, "commented Angelina Belcheva, Director of Local Productions at bTV.

The idea for Survivor belongs to the world-famous producer Mark Burnett. The format has won numerous Emmy Awards and is a market leader worldwide. It has been broadcast since 1997 and is the most talked-about show in the world. Survivor is currently airing in almost every country, and more than 50 different territories are making their own local versions of the show. In the United States alone, 40 seasons have been produced.