The Mission of Radio

In a state of emergency, ensuring fast and easy access to reliable information is crucial. The role of radio, as the media that can respond most quickly to news and critical information for the population, is even greater

Radio retains its high reach (reaches up to 9 out of 10 people every week1) and enjoys the highest confidence by 77% of the audience.The advantage of radio is the flexibility when offering different approaches to the topic of COVID-19. The stations at bTV Radio Group and, above all, N-JOY, bTV radio and Jazz FM, work in full synergy with the bTV newsroom and extend it with original current affairs content on the radio air. At one of the leading information radio stations in Bulgaria - bTV Radio, this takes the form of live coverage and direct feed from the hotspots, interviews with representatives of the institutions and experts, and broadcasts of government briefings. For N-JOY and Jazz FM, the topic is addressed through advice to listeners at the beginning of each programming block, as well as information on the latest developments and events from key points around the world.

Data by Gemius Prism regarding online listening also shows that the audience understands the role of radio as a fast and reliable source of information. The data indicate a 53% increase in bTV Radio's online listenership compared to last month and more than a 200% increase in online traffic on N-JOY's online portal. The high results testify to the successful adaptation of the teams and programs of the radio to the current situation. This data reaffirm the multiple surveys2 which show that 60% of listeners turn to radio to stay informed during emergencies. These findings are in line with studies by the European Commission, which have consistently found that radio is the most trusted media in Europe.

Radio stations are clearly aware of the responsibility to their listeners to keep them informed with accurate news and useful information, even in a new, challenging environment. The rapid adaptation of the programs of bTV Radio, N-JOY, Jazz FM and Classic FM in recent days shows that the teams are doing their best to continue to maintain the good spirits and awareness of the listeners.During isolation, radio may be the only other voice in the room, so be sure to tune in to your favorite station and enjoy the time at home. bTV Radio Group calls #StayAtHome!


[1]                Radiocentre survey data: https://www.radiocentre.org/policy/breaking-news/

               See point 1.