The Most Anticipated Academy Awards Empowered With A Special Proposal From bTV Media Group

Cinema’s big day will be celebrated across the platforms of bTV Media Group through a special thematic proposal

This year the most prestigious film awards are different and extremely exciting. Of course, the reason being the nomination of Maria Bakalova, who is the first Bulgarian actress to achieve this incredible success.

To highlight this stellar moment for Bulgaria, bTV Media Group has prepared a special advertising multimedia offer (EN).

The package to advertisers includes an innovative digital solution, which will take place for the first time in bTV Media Group. We will enhance it with a special audio section on bTV Radio and a game on Radio N-JOY. We will also present to our TV viewers some of the most exciting and Oscar-winning movies on bTV Cinema in the Month of the Oscars.

In its digital portfolio, bTV Media Group launches for the first time a special podcast that will also create video episodes.

The project is called "The Different Oscars" and will contain 8 podcasts and video comments on everything interesting related to the nominations, predictions and contenders for the Oscars 2021.

The episodes will feature popular names known for their work in front of and behind the camera. Your brand will be able to find a 100% exclusive place in special sponsorship screensavers before and after each video.

In addition, one of the most beloved women's sites of the nation will have a special topic dedicated to the prestigious awards, which offers attractive advertising positions for advertisers.

In our radio group, the Oscars will also have a memorable participation, which will give an even more effective result for each advertiser.

A special guest will comment on bTV Radio every Monday with comments about the Oscars and movies on bTV Cinema.

Radio N-JOY, for its part, will offer its listeners an exciting weekly game with sponsorship awards and a focus on the advertiser's brand. The game is upgraded over time and enriched with new and attractive prizes.

In April, the TV air of bTV will make you part of the magic of cinema through captivating content with some of the most exciting movie titles.

You will have the unique opportunity to send your message to the audience in an interesting way with branded bugs and sponsored Promo Line-up and to share the time viewers spend in front of the screen.

In the month of the Oscars, bTV Cinema will delight the audience with some of the most successful films fighting for the golden statuette. We offer a special opportunity to be part of it through sponsored IDs of the slot with the hit movies in the channel, which will be broadcast from 21:00.

In anticipation of even better Bulgarian news during the spring month of the Oscars, we, from bTV Media Group, are available with our special offer, which we have prepared to bring the best possible Oscar results for your brand!


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