The Surprises Of The Easter Bunny

A thematic selection of activities will engage the audience across all platforms in the holiday period until Easter

In the period from April 16 to May 2, bTV Media Group invites the magic of the holiday. Colorful, thematic content on bTV and bTV Comedy, as well as melodic mood on radio N-JOY will follow the emotions around the Easter experience, and will contribute to a fun holiday activity in in preparation for one of the brightest family holidays - Easter.

bWeb offers you a special interactive game in its entire digital portfolio. "Find the Easter Bunny" will allow users to find the Easter Bunny or Easter Egg, which will appear on all bWeb sites.

The festive thematic content of bTV will enable you to become part of the Easter mood and engage the audience's attention. A specially designed thematic overlay format will communicate the client's messages broadcast in selected programs across the bTV program during the Easter activation period.

The power of your messages will find a place through audio integration on Radio N-JOY, with which we will focus all our efforts in support of the online game. The daily plan of promo announcements will invite listeners to look for the surprises of the Easter Bunny at

During the Easter activation period, bTV Comedy will delight its viewers with positive and diverse content, full of emotions around the festive experience.


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