•FENEC FOX• Dobie is a 1 year old Fennec Fox. He was rejected by his mother as a baby and went to a rescue in Minnesota. Animal Tracks owner Stacy, and her family flew to Minnesota where they picked him up along with Luna, a baby Kinkajou. Dobie should be living with other fennec foxes so Animal Tracks is hoping the universe will grace them with another fennec fox as a companion soon • •WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE• is an ongoing series to raise awareness for the wild life sanctuary, @animaltracksinc! The animals at AT have previously been imprinted by humans before arriving because of black market trade, trying to keep undomesticated animals as pets, etc. Because of that, they have no chance of survival on their own. Animal Tracks (AT) is alive purely because of their love for all animals and have built a more than adequate home for their survivors. I have seen no greater team care for and love these animals, and because of that, I strongly want to help in anyway I can • If you love this series and want to donate to a great program, click the link in my bio to help supply food and shelter for Animal Track's sanctuary! OR- if you'd like to schedule a tour, meet all of the amazing animals from our set AND get a couple great selfies, head to Animal Track's website to set up a tour today! • ✨@prince.andru in @michellehebertofficial with MUAH @ashleyannharris , Handmade rugs & decor by @rughouse_mustafa with floral arrangements by @growupflowers✨

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