About bTV

bTV is the first private national TV station in Bulgaria

bTV’s program was broadcast for the first time on June 1st 2000, thus breaking the monopoly of the public national TV station and changing entirely the media environment in Bulgaria. For 17 years bTV firmly established itself as the most watched TV channel in Bulgaria and with leading positions on the advertising market. bTV is the strongest Bulgarian brand, according to the global organization Superbrands for 2015 and 2012. 

bTV is the leading channel in the bTV Media Group. The bTV Media Group is part of the family of Central European Media Enterprises (CME). CME is a leading media and entertainment company in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 1994 and in addition to Bulgaria, it operates leading broadcast businesses in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. More about CME >>.

bTV is a market leader with regard to quality and diversity of TV programs in Bulgaria. The station is an innovator in the Bulgarian market and sets new trends in TV programming for the country.

Ever since its start in the summer of 2000, bTV offers a thematic selection of exclusive programs that brings entirely positive emotional experiences to the viewers - positive entertainment shows, reality formats, the best talk shows and comedy programs, Bulgarian movies and Hollywood blockbusters. Media is setting a new trend in the production of modern Bulgarian TV fiction, and the success of bTV productions stimulated the renaissance of the Bulgarian movie industry as a whole. The news and current affairs programs of bTV are of key importance to the channel, having established themselves as the information leader with exceptionally high rating of viewers’ trust. bTV News anchors and reporters were distinguished with more than 35 prestigious awards only in the past three years.

Over the past 17 years bTV proved that it can establish and strengthen a new model of corporate social responsibility and be a driving force for solving many social problems and causes related to the environment in Bulgaria, groups at risk and people's daily lives generally.

There is no Bulgarian who felt indifferent to the appeals of the "Magnificent Six", "Hope for the Children of Haiti", and "Let's clean Bulgaria together", or refused his assistance for the recovery of flood damages in Asparuhovo and Misia. These initiatives made a lasting mark in social awareness, and established a model for social activism and civil liability, which bTV has still developed.

The company also started the educational campaign “Testaments of Bulgaria” as a natural next step in the long-term editorial policy of the media for promoting the Bulgarian national historical and cultural heritage. In cooperation with Unicef Bulgaria, bTV for the first time introduced the teleton as a charity TV format in Bulgaria with two partnership projects - "Future Free of Violence for Every Child" and "All Together from Kindergarten".

The policy of the bTV Media Group is to develop the new model of corporate social responsibility and commitment, and make the company a preferred partner for the realization of a number of joint projects with globally recognized organizations such as Unicef Bulgaria, SOS Children Villages Bulgaria and Bulgarian Red Cross.

bTV is the station with the greatest number of prestigious industry and CSR awards won over the years. The most significant include the award “Largest Corporate Donor” bestowed by the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum in 2009, 2010 and 2011 for the numerous socially responsible campaigns, initiated and supported by the station. bTV’s campaign “Let’s Clean Bulgaria in One Day” received the Effie award in 2013 and recognition as the Green Event of the Year. The bTV Media Group received the prestigious "Green Media" award in 2016 as well.

bTV is the strongest Bulgarian brand, according to the global organization Superbrands for 2012 and 2015. In addition to winning the leading position among all Bulgarian brands in all categories, bTV earned the award three times more in the media category. In 2016 bTV won the first place in the category “Television” in the national ranking of consumers “My Love Marks” for the sixth time, which strengthens the position of bTV as the most preferred brand among the viewers in Bulgaria.

bTV is the first national TV channel that started broadcasting in HD quality as well. The channel bTV HD is distributed in the networks of the cable, satellite and IPTV operators.

bTV is a preferred employer, giving its employees the chance to introduce the market innovations, and utilize their full potential.

bTV, National Palace of Culture, 1, Bulgaria sq., floor 11, 1463 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 9176 800, Fax: 359 2 952 1483

About bWEB

bWEB is comprised of all of the bTV Media Group’s websites, and ranks among the internet media groups with the biggest audience in the country. bWEB includes the online projects btv.bg, btvnovinite.bg, ladyzone.bg, dalivali.bg, bistro.bg, btvplus.bg  and voyo.bg, the websites of the most watched TV programs and series, as well as the sites of all TV and radio channels in the group. Several of the web platforms of bTV are optimized for mobile.

bWEB attracts a significant part of the Bulgarian internet audience - young, educated and active users, who wish to inform and entertain themselves, communicate and share content.  

bWEB is also the leader in online video content, offering a great variety of quality productions.

The main bWEB projects include

btv.bg - a long-standing leader in the Bulgarian online space. It is an entertainment portal for the content of bTV on the web, including videos, photo galleries, and latest news and shows. btv.bg offers exclusive photos and content about popular movies, series and shows, as well as special interviews with their stars. 

btvnovinite.bg – bTV News websit offering latest updates for domestic, international, sports and lifestyle news. btvnovinite.bg offers current and objective online news, quality video, original content and exclusive reports and commentaries from bTV News journalists.

ladyzone.bg - one of the most preferred and visited women’s websites, with more than 75% of the website`s audience consisting of ladies. ladyzone.bg is the place that offers all the information a woman needs, plus special targeted features with rich original video content.

voyo.bg - subscription video on-demand portal, which gives users the opportunity to watch their favorite video content online without advertising – with ease and convenience, and without limitations, for a monthly fee. voyo.bg offers exclusive video – including Bulgarian series before their TV premiere, as well as numerous movies, TV shows, news and sports. voyo.bg is also providing a service for Bulgarians living abroad – bTV International.

dalivali.bg – this portal offers information about the weather, including forecasts by the hour, humidity and atmospheric pressure. It also presents many other useful and interesting facts for the weather in more than 1,000 places in Bulgaria and all over the world. The information is presented in dynamic way with lots of graphic elements that provides reports not only for the capitals and big cities all over the world but also for the small villages, winter and summer resorts, and mountain peaks. 

zodia.bg - a portal for astrology. zodia.bg offers exclusive content – horoscopes, short astrology portraits of famous people, the moon’s advice for the day, information about love compatibility between the signs, predictions by two types of cards: Cards of Life and Mo Cards, dream book, and a moon calendar for beauty. The content is generated by the famous astrologer Svetlana Tilkova – Alena. 

bistro.bg – the place where gourmet food fans meet. Thousands of recipes, video advices and acknowledged chefs share their secrets of how to prepare delicious food.

btvplus.bg – a catch-up service with full length videos of the programming from the bTV TV channel for the previous seven days where viewers can watch their favorite recent shows, newscasts, series and entertainment through this ad-supported online platform.