A New Show On Jazz FM Presents Music Albums Through The Stories Of Their Creators

"Of Albums by Their Creators" allows advertisers to tie in with unique content

Jazz FM radio is launching a new show that will allow its listeners to delve even deeper into the music of their favorite artists. In the show, called "Of Albums by Their Creators", listeners will "meet" musicians as personalities and artists. They themselves will present the music from their albums song by song, sharing the experiences and emotions that underlie their work. In this way, the listeners will be guided in the music by its creators, who will reveal the means of expression through which they achieve the power of their influence.

The new show is the idea of the programming director of Jazz FM Svetoslav Nikolov and gives the advertisers the opportunity to link their products or services with unique content. The format offers sponsorship options that unobtrusively link high-quality music and its history to a carefully selected brand message. Prominent names such as Vili Stoyanov and Misho Yosifov have already taken part in the show, and his schedule is already full for the month ahead.

"About the albums by their creators" will be broadcast on Wednesday at 19:00 with a repeat on Saturday at 14:00. The show develops the line of the project "Jazz Stories" to describe the history of Bulgarian jazz through the stories of its creators. In it, listeners will be able to follow the latest on our music scene and thus reveal the tradition on which the new work is based. Jazz FM radio provides an opportunity to look at the music from the inside, through which we believe that we will involve the audience even more deeply in the magic of jazz art.