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SNG - Flyaway service

In order to meet the other television's demands, bTV now offers its modern DSNG truck for lease.

The truck is fully equipped with modern apparatus, and is very suitable for any kind of production material uplinking or direct news reflection from any place, to any satellite.

The station unique configuration makes it ideally suitable for immediate and urgent operations.

High skilled, English speaking engineering staff is always present with the truck.

For ease of our partners, as additional service, booking arrangements are also possible.

Transmission quality monitoring from our receiving center is also available.

DSNG mobile station parameters:

Truck - Mitsubishi Pajero

Antenna system:
- SWE-DISH 150KM, vehicle design,
- 1.2/1.5 m Elliptical Dual Reflector
- 2 port feed system
- Transmitting KU Band Frequency 12.75-14.5 GHz
- Receiving converter 10.70-12.75 GHz / LOW noise LNB

Power amplifier:
- 400 Watt XICOM XT400K HPA:
- Operating in 13.75 -14.5 GHz
- TWT design
- Ku- band coverage
- Weather proof

- Controllable azimuth, elevation and feed polarization
- Time for opening : ~ 2 minutes

Professional mobile antenna control unit:
- Research concepts INC. RC3000
- Antenna opening
- Azimuth
- Elevation
- Polarization

State of art Newtec NTC2180 DVB QPSK modulator:
- QPSK modulation
- Controllable HPA drive
- ASI interface to MPEG encoding unit
- Full range of symbol rates

TANDBERG E5714 Professional MPEG-2 encoder:
- MPEG-2 DVB Compilant
- SDI and composite 625 and 525 line video inputs
- Support of standart set of resolutions

- Variable input bit-rate 1.5Mbit/s - 15 Mbit/s (4:2:2)
- MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio encoding with sampling of 32 or 48 Khz
- 4 channel balanced stereo / dual or single mono audio encoding -
- Digital AES/EBU and balanced XLR analogue inputs
- SDI embedded audio supported
- Audio/Video service descriptors

TANDBERG TT1260 DVB-S satellite monitoring receiver:
- Permits AV monitoring of downlink Ku-band transmission frequency,
or any other service, in parallel of transmission

Optimized Input/Output AV signal distribution panel

On-truck AV signal conditioning and monitoring equipment

2 +2 kVA gasoline power generator

Other features mountable on request

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