The General Sales Rules (BG/EN) regulate the broadcast of all forms of TV commercial communications: advertising spots, sponsorship tags and other forms on the channels of bMG. They are obligatory for bMG and for all clients of the television – advertisers and advertising agencies. The clients confirm their consent and acceptance of the General Sales Rules by signing an individual written contract or by assigning the broadcast of a TV commercial communication.

The legislation framework regulates the advertising through various laws and ordinances. Here you can find them. It is only for the purposes of information and has no claims to cover fully the regulation of advertising in Bulgarian law.  

The effective legislation contains provisions, regulating advertising in different law acts and ordinances. Here is a sample of some of them. It is for informational purposes only and does not claim to exhaust the regulation of advertising in the Bulgarian legislation. 

Authorization letter (BG/EN) is signed by every advertiser of bMG, which certifies that the advertiser assigns the airing of advertising campaigns in the channels of the television. If the advertiser uses the services of an advertising agency, it is individualized in this document and also signs it.

The advertising materials are submitted to the media by the advertiser or the agency with production quality, suitable for TV broadcast, at least two full working days before the airing date. 

More information may be found in art. 19 of the General Sales Rules.

After the expiration of each campaign, until the end of the month, following the month of the last broadcasting of the campaign, the clients receive a certificate attesting the broadcasting.


Authorization Letter (EN)

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