bTV Media Group receives prestigious award from Global Disability Movement


Center for Psychological Research as a partner of the Global Disability Movement for Bulgaria awarded bTV Media Group with the Accessibility Award. The award is given to the media for its contribution in covering socially relevant issues to help the most vulnerable, as well as for its inclusion and empathy towards disability issues. Ambassador of the United States of America to Bulgaria H. PR. Kenneth Merten presented the award to bTV journalist Kristina Gazieva.

"On behalf of the entire bTV team, thank you for this award. It motivates us to continue working for a better and more accessible environment for people with disabilities in Bulgaria. And when we have made even a small change through our reporting, that is the biggest reward for us as journalists. I will quote Dr Daria Boyadjieva, probably the only wheelchair-bound doctor in Bulgaria, who we featured on bTV - she had written the following sentence in English on social media. "Don‘t dis my ability"  - let's not say "No!" to what people with disabilities can do. On the contrary - let's say "Yes!" to the significant role they have in our society", said the bTV journalist.

The bTV Media Group, through its social brand "The Good Example", brings together a wide network of partners to support young talent, help people in need and preserve nature in Bulgaria. The media group is behind dozens of social campaigns each year, and the faces of television are engaged as ambassadors for society - both on a content level through their editorials, series and features in bTV News and current affairs programs, and through personal involvement in a range of charitable and inclusive initiatives.