Distinction for bTV: Kristina Gazieva and Radiana Bozhikova with "Worlds and Colors" awards


Another award for the bTV newsroom. Reporters Kristina Gazieva and Radiana Bozhikova were honored in the "Worlds and Colors" annual journalistic competition, organized by the Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists in Bulgaria.

For 10 years now, the association has distinguished journalistic materials with a distinguished civic-ethical author's position on topics with a strong public resonance.

Kristina Gazieva received the "Svetlana Plashokova" award in the "Television" category, direction "For correspondence from and for the Spanish-speaking world" for her rubrics in “120 minutes” - "The Saved" and the video about the finalist in the "Miss Ecuador" contest, who was left without arms and one leg after an electric shock.

"This award is really special because it comes from colleagues. The story I am honored with is about the finalist of the Miss Ecuador contest, Victoria Salcedo, who is an extremely beautiful girl and has the courage to show the different beauty. After an electric shock, she is left without two arms and one leg. What I remember from her is this: An accident can change the way you look, but no one and nothing can take away what you carry in your heart. I hope the viewers who watched this story and needed hope got that hope,” said Kristina Gazieva.

The reporter of the show "This Sunday" Radiana Bozhikova was nominated in the category "Television", direction "For ecology, culture and traditions" for her material dedicated to the Spanish festival "Elrow".