Three awards for bTV Media Group in the competition "The Greenest Companies in Bulgaria"


For the 13th year, the b2b Media ranking of "The greenest companies in Bulgaria" distinguished the companies and organizations that invest in campaigns and initiatives for a healthier and more sustainable environment. The "Green Oscars" are held and awarded every year. Boris Hristov - one of the memorable contestants in "The Voice of Bulgaria", with a unique voice and a successful musical career, joined the green event and performed his original songs.

bTV Media Group was awarded first place in the "ESG Leader" and "Green CSR Campaign" categories for its "Green Filming" and "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together" initiatives. Our business website also received a special award for Desislava Botseva's author's material "What do people with stoves in their homes breathe"?

"The awards for the greenest company in Bulgaria are a huge recognition of the work that bTV Media Group is doing. We are very happy for the award for the campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria together". We are starting again, we are ready for September 16", says Maria Lazarova, Marketing Manager "Television Projects" of bTV Media Group.

"This recognition is extremely important to us. We are grateful, we are happy and we hope to continue in this direction - forward and upward", adds Desislava Botseva, web editor at

The list of all winners is published here.