Anton Hekimyan: Viewers are considered a touchstone of our work

The Director of News, Current Affairs and Sports in an interview for Manager magazine


"The challenge for journalists has always been to protect the principles of the profession," said Anton Hekimyan in an interview with a team of Manager magazine in the July’s edition. He speaks about the changes in the news and the television and what is the biggest challenge for the news media today.

What has changed in the content of the current affairs programs on bTV since you took over?

bTV News is an institution. Since its creation, the newsroom has been a school for quality journalism and this tradition has been preserved over the years by us - the people who work with heart for our television. When there are clearly established rules and principles in one place, especially in our profession, the product inevitably differs from the others. Whether you started your career as a reporter or presenter 22 years ago or you are now invited to be part of the team - each of us is aware about the responsibility and weight of the platform through which we communicate with the audience. It is the spectators who are the measure of our work and one of our main goals is to be closer to them, to feel us side by side with ourselves. These are our common goals, not just mine. Personally, I have been with bTV for 17 years, but we are not individuals. In our news there is a team of responsible and talented people. Being a partner of the viewers and keeping their trust over the years, is our common merit and I can not distinguish time in before, during and after.

What is the difference between the current affairs programs on bTV and the rest?

The romantic answer is that we work with heart. And this is the truth, but behind it lies the round-the-clock work of reporters, producers and presenters. I am glad that our newsroom has quality people with a sober view of events and extremely rich experience, which they turn into quality content. I am proud to work with Veselina Petrakieva and Iskra Vladimirova, who are responsible for news programs and current affairs programs, respectively. We have been betting a lot on digital content since the beginning of the year with new sites and online projects, for which I rely on Vladislava Lazarova. When you have the combination of working with spirit and high professional criteria, you see the best results from bTV on the air and on the Internet. The fact is our new shows and productions with which we are growing in rating and audience share, and this is another proof of the trust that the audience gives us.

What is the competitive advantage of your media over other televisions in Bulgaria?

I can compare the general spirit of bTV built over the years with a compass for quality and reliability. These two factors are extremely important for the audience to choose your channel, to trust and keep on watching it. We have proven over the years that especially when there is a key event for our country and society - viewers prefer to be informed by us. We fight every day to keep the attitude of the people. This requires diligence. Innovation is also an important factor in retaining an audience. News and journalism hide a dose of conservatism, but it makes the challenge of change even sweeter. Аt bTV we are free to create and experiment. We impose new faces and new formats.

You can read the whole interview in the new edition of Manager magazine, that is already on the market.