bTV and Radio N-JOY celebrate their anniversaries with a festive show for Children's Day

Preya, A.L.E.K.S., Kristiana Assenova and Toshey, and Nikolaos Tsitiridis are among the celebreties who will entertain children and parents in the Borisov Garden on June 1


bTV and Radio N-JOY will celebrate Children's Day with a festive show in the Borisov Garden with the participation of iconic voices and faces from television and radio. On June 1 at 10:30 together with the children's holiday, the first private national television in our country – bTV - will celebrate 21 years since its inception, and Radio N-JOY will celebrate its 15th anniversary on the Bulgarian air. The all-day program is free and will be held on the newest open stage in the capital – the Borisov Garden Park Theater, which is located next to Lake Ariana.

Lots of hit music and entertainment await the citizens of Sofia and their children with the songs of Preya, Kristiana Assenova and Toshey, the young stars Yoanna Sashova, A.L.E.K.S. and VICK, voices that became popular from "The Voice of Bulgaria" on bTV, as well as with unforgettable performances by finalists from "Bulgaria's Got Talent". The host of the festive concert will be the emblematic Inspector N-JOY, who will convey his good mood on stage and will guarantee a lot of laughter and fun with his co-hosts and popular faces on bTV - Alexandra Krasteva, Nikolaos Tsitiridis and Borislav Lazarov. A special guest will be the favorite of all kids - Zelenko - Ambassador of Good and mascot of the largest volunteer initiative in our country - "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together." Zelenko will be side by side with his friends in the eco-workshop of the organization "For the Earth", who at 13:00 will introduce children to the topic of recycling and how we can turn garbage into something useful.

"The biggest birthday present for bTV and Radio N-JOY is the opportunity to celebrate with our viewers and listeners. Those who have been with us and trusted us for 21 years on TV, and the listeners who have made Radio N-JOY one of the most listened music stations in the last 15 years. Thank you for being with us! ”, said Martin Svehlak, CEO of bTV Media Group and bTV Radio Group, on the occasion of the holiday.

The festive mood and surprises for the little ones will continue throughout the day with the children's productions of the BHALG Theater - "Super Mario" and "The Three Little Pigs", organized with the support of Sofia Municipality. Emotions are guaranteed to reach their peak with the games during the screened children's cartoon with a lot of fun and prizes from the organizers. The day will end with a children's film, again with free admission.

The stage of the Borisov Garden Park Theater has a roof and 420 seats in compliance with all epidemiological measures.

You can follow up-to-date information about the Children's Holiday Show on the event page


10:00 - Accommodation

10:30 - Festive concert with the voices and talents of bTV and radio N-JOY

11:20 - Program of BHALG Theater with the support of Sofia Municipality

11:45 - 12:30 - Theatrical production "Super Mario"

13: 00-13: 50 - Eco-workshop of the organization "For the Earth", with the special guest Zelenko

14:30 - 15:20 - Theatrical production "The Three Little Pigs"

15:30 - 16:30 - Cartoon program with a variety of games and gifts

17:00 - Screening of a children's film