bTV and radio N-JOY celebrate their birthday

The media group is launching the "Green Week" - a new initiative for responsible and sustainable behavior towards the environment.


On June 1, bTV celebrates 23 years since its establishment. On this date in the year 2000, broadcasts of the first Bulgarian private national television began. Today, bTV is the leading poly-thematic channel in the bTV Media Group. As part of the large international CME family, the group owns six TV channels, five radio stations, nine digital platforms and a cinema distribution brand, constantly integrating innovations of different scales and sustainable management practices. On June 1, Radio N-JOY, part of the media group and one of the largest music radio networks in the country, known for its hits, mood, interesting news, and topics from show business, also celebrates its 17th anniversary.

This year bTV Media Group decided to celebrate the double holiday in a different way. Television and radio employees celebrated outdoors and launched the new ESG initiative "Green Week" - a campaign to limit negative climate impacts on the environment. Under the motto "Responsible for nature together", within one week - from June 5 to 10, the company's employees will send environmental messages to the Bulgarian audience. They will collect and recycle old electronic devices, limit harmful carbon emissions by using urban or electric transport, breathe new life into used clothes and share ideas for responsible food consumption. On June 9, the final event of the "Green Week" will be held - a national meeting of the partners of "Let's Clean Bulgaria Together", which will mark the beginning of the largest volunteer initiative in Bulgaria in 2023. A total of over 3,350 SME employees from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania are participating in the "Green Week" and will give their personal example of a sustainable lifestyle in front of a 50 million television, radio and digital audience.

"We are excited to celebrate the anniversary of bTV and Radio N-JOY. In 2023, we continue to earn high audience trust, both in terms of news and editorial content, and for our digital and radio platforms. Our aim has always been to offer rich entertainment content, great shows and quality journalism. I thank all our employees and partners for their contribution to the successful development of our media business. And to the viewers who choose bTV," says Ralf Bartoleit, CEO of bTV Media Group.

In the last month, bTV Media Group received a number of awards for its socially responsible program and quality journalism. The group was the first in our country to introduce green practices for creating television production (the so-called green filming), as well as to successfully implement innovations such as the content interactivity system with the TV viewer Holler.

The most important is the evaluation of the audience in Bulgaria - during the spring television season, bTV reports a higher audience share and a higher average number of viewers in the news and journalistic blocks and shows, compared to the competing television (All 4+, source: GARB). Since the beginning of the year, unique users of all digital platforms in the bTV Media Group portfolio have grown by 19%. The number of pages viewed on all sites combined also increased by 29% since the beginning of the calendar year (data by Gemius).