bTV is the most preferred TV at the start of the fall season

"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", “The Farm” and bTV's central News were watched by the most viewers in prime time on September 4 among the general audience. According to GARB 2,280,000 people is the total audience reached by bTV between 18:00-23:30


Extraordinary emotions and experiences were offered by bTV to its viewers on September 4, when the media launched its fall television season. New episodes of the games "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and "The Farm" as well as bTV News at 19:00 brought an absolute advantage to television in prime time. In the 18:00-23:30 time slot, bTV's program content reached nearly 2,280,000 thousand people (GARB, Rch’000).

The ninth season of "The Farm: The Thread of Life" started on September 4 with many surprises and strong emotions both for bTV viewers and for the 22 contestants. The hosts Ivan and Andrey welcomed the new anchor - Gergana Guncheva, and the three together hurried to announce the big change in "The Farm". This year, for the first time, all duels will be team-based, and every success will be the result of daily, cooperative work. The first episode of The Farm predictably generated huge viewership across age groups, capturing 33.7% of the total TV audience (GARB, All, 4+ vs. 30.7% for the direct competitor in the slot) and 33.6% vs. 30 .4% (GARB, 18+).

Viewers will find out how the events in the race for the BGN 100,000 prize will unfold in the episodes that will be broadcast every Monday at 20:00 and from Tuesday to Thursday at 21:00 on bTV.

The bTV News at 19:00 on 4 September was the most watched central newscast of the day, attracting 40.1% of the TV audience compared to 27.4% for the second television (GARB, All 4+). In addition to the most important and significant topics of the day, the presenters of that day - Liliana Boyanova and Ivan Georgiev, presented to the viewers the upcoming start of the television season of bTV, and the tandem of Ivan Hristov and Andrey Arnaudov hosted, to the surprise of the viewers, the media's sports news and relieved Gergana Guncheva, who joined them that evening as host of "The Farm".

The world's greatest trivia game - "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" started its new season with a special week where the main heroes are children supported by their parents and relatives. First on the chair of knowledge on September 4 at 18:00 sat the tandem of Mihail and Krasimir Balabanovi, who captivated the attention of 32.5% of the viewers (GARB, All 4+ vs. 27.9% for the broadcast in the same slot in the program of the direct competitor) with their great game, with a lot of knowledge and resourcefulness. The curious and charming future eighth grader from NGDEK, together with his father, kicked off the special children's week and deservedly won 10,000 leva with their game. The first episode of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" is also a favorite of viewers over 18 years old, where the game captivates 33.1% of viewers vs. 28.5% for the broadcast in the same slot in the program of the second television (GARB, A18+).

The interesting and inquisitive contestants of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" will continue to delight viewers every weekday at 18:00, and the surprises in the new season will increase with one more next week.