bTV Media Group Adds Two New Channels To Its Portfolio

The healthy lifestyle channel Wness TV and the Bulgarian cooking channel Soul & Pepper TV will be offered by bTV Media Group, which expands the media’s response to the growing interest in integrated presence within local and entertaining content that advertisers look for


Modern human beings are a mixture of pursuits – to be the best at their work, to keep up with the latest trends and entertainment, and essentially to feel good, have access to sports activities and quality food. What better than to be able to find it all in one place – namely, the TV screen?

“By expressing our philosophy to offer diverse and premium content that suits the widest possible audience, bTV Media Group adds to its five successfully profiled thematic channels the original channels Wness TV and Soul & Pepper, which are both innovative for the Bulgarian market. Following the interest towards one of our most popular cooking shows “MasterChef”, as well as “The Farm” and “Survivor”, which put to the test the physical strength of the participants, we are giving our partners the opportunity to become part of the grand TV adventure of the audience, provoked entirely by their pursuit of living their best possible life,” shares Dessislava Proeva, Sales Director at bTV Media Group.

For decades exercise videos and recipes have been followed by thousands of people in front of the screen. It is namely video that has made popular some of the flawless bodies of our time – Cindy Crawford, Jane Fonda, Cher and Raquel Welch, whose exercise routines have become a household symbol for women of the 80s and 90s. Over time, one particular word started to grow more and more important in the life of the contemporary individual – wellness. The pursuit of the latter is the unified ambition to establish physical, psychological and social well-being. It confirms the understanding that our health is a result of our daily efforts and lifestyle factors that we have the power to influence. Wellness suddenly became in industry and a constant element of modern life. The search for effective ways to achieve and sustain it is among the priorities of contemporary consumers.

The TV channel Wness TV is the first TV channel in Bulgaria that highlights wellness and balanced life in such detail. With a program schedule aimed at healthy lifestyle, workouts and good food, Wness TV generates useful and practical content with an added value for the audience as they can put it to practice every day. The shows about beauty and cosmetic procedures, psychology, relationships, sports activities with yoga, aerobics and HIIT workouts with proven coaches such as Sami Hossny, advice for future parents, as well as comedy shows with the one and only Kamen Donev, turn Wness TV into an incessant source of useful content with unmatched scope.

In addition to sports, good health requires good food – especially one that everyone can prepare at home. That is exactly why the creators of Wness TV expand their knowledge about wellness through the cooking channel Soul & Pepper TV, whose idea is to present beautiful, colorful and helpful content that inspires people to be creative with food. Soul & Pepper TV is the place where viewers can be informed about the origin of certain foods and their most valued qualities, which can help them make delicious meals. Some of the popular faces who are cooking for the audience are the MasterChef contestant, Elena Petreliyska, culinary experts from Europe and Asia, as well as successful Bulgarians with experience in the company of Michelin awarded chefs.

“The Bulgarian viewer wants to be informed, especially about the ways through which they can improve themselves. The same goes for advertisers – they want to find the right way to the audience in an environment with organic interest, which makes the access to them absolutely authentic. We believe that by adding these two channels to our portfolio, we facilitate the advertisers’ access to a more complete and thorough mix of quality content and audience attention,” adds Proeva.

“I am very happy about the beginning of a long-awaited and highly desired partnership with bTV Media Group. Wness TV and Soul & Pepper TV are a suitable addition to the media through their offering of original themes and a fresh look at favorite motives. Advertisers will be able to get the most of a combination of content and a proven authentic audience that follows the schedules of both channels with a reach of over 65% of the households in Bulgaria. Through bTV Media Group they will also get the best possible service,” adds Ivan Todorov, Managing Director of the company owner of the two channels – Efficiency First Media.

Wness TV and Soul & Pepper TV can be part of your planning. For more information, the Sales team at bTV Media Group is available to assist you.