bTV Media Group is the exclusive local media partner of the global communications forum AMEC Summit 2024

The role of media analysis in the fight against misinformation is a key theme at the AMEC 2024 global conference in Sofia (21 - 23 May)


Sofia welcomes an event of great importance for the technology and media sector - both in Bulgaria and abroad. From May 21 to 23, the annual conference of AMEC, the world's largest professional association for communication measurement and analysis, will take place with the general support of the Bulgarian media monitoring and business analysis company A Data Pro.

bTV Media Group is the exclusive local media partner of the forum, which brings together in Sofia the international community of professionals in the field of communications, marketing, and media analysis. The topics of this year's conference in Sofia are related to innovations in the communications sector, their implementation and challenges, ways to detect, measure and analyze disinformation and propaganda processes, etc.

The bTV journalist and host of the "120 minutes" program Svetoslav Ivanov took part in a panel discussion on the topic of Generative Artificial Intelligence. He shared the following with the large audience of guests:

We are witnessing the transformation of the search business. The old-fashioned click-the-link model will be replaced by AI-generated summaries without links. This has the potential to change not only how the internet works but also the way we consume information.

Does it mean that large language models will use someone’s content to create the summary without linking to the source? Does it mean that, for example, they will delve into a media archive, using content in which significant investments have been made, to compete with news outlets? To compete with millions of content creators for free?