is the news website with the largest audience


The bTV news website has the largest audience reached on a weekly basis among online media in Bulgaria. This is shown by the annual report for 2022 of the "Reuters" Institute for the Study of Journalism at the Oxford University.

Снимка: Reuters

43% of users visit at least once a week, and 34% read regularly for at least three days each week. Analysts say bTV News offers easier access to video content with less intrusive advertising. Online media continue to expand their audience and in our country are among the main sources of information, as most Bulgarians – 86% - follow current events on the Internet.

For another year bTV is among the leading media in the prestigious study. 64% of Bulgarians watch bTV news every week, and 54% of them watch it for at least three days every week.

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The main source of news are sites followed by TV content and social networks.

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The presence on social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. - is expanding, and 39% of users share news they are interested in on social media, via personal messages or email. Facebook remains the most popular social media to inform users:

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People read news mostly on their smartphones and computers, with tablets accounting for significantly less.

The report also notes that most media companies are expanding their web content to include more podcasts in addition to traditional television content.

The websites from the portfolio of bTV Media Group -, and from the beginning of the year offer users weekly podcasts and rich video content.