Five first prizes for bTV at the clean journalism awards "Web Report 2023"

Ivan Georgiev and Beste Sabri, Gergana Venkova, Rosen Tsvetkov and Stanimira Atanasova are honored


bTV Media Group won most of the awards in the sixth edition of the clean journalism awards, organized by the Bulgarian internet portal - Web Report. Our media won five individual awards in four of the categories in the competition.

In the "True stories" category, Gergana Venkova won the first place with her "Song of Salvation". The story that touched not only the TV viewers, but was also awarded by the jury, is about Jem Okur and his daughter Tanem, who remained huddled for 105 hours, or almost 5 days under the remains of their home in Antakya, which fell in the first tremor of the severe earthquake in Turkey.

Awards were won by Rosen Tsvetkov in the category "Technologies and innovators" for his film "5G – beyond the myths", which was broadcast on bTV Reporters. In this documentary, the journalist dispels the myths about the new technology.

The grand prize in the "Sports" category went to Stanimira Atanasova for "The other champions: A letter to YOU". In March, the reporter from our sports editorial told the inspiring story of Persiyan Elenkov, who in 2018 experienced an accident, after which his left leg was amputated. For five years, he searched for the savior who gave him first aid and saved him. With the help of Stanimira Persiyan finds his savior - Dr. Svetlin Tsonev.

Ivan Georgiev and Beste Sabri won the award in the "Hot Spot" category - for their documentary for bTV, dedicated to the earthquake in Turkey. In February, several bTV special correspondent teams covered the first hours of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The host of bTV News Ivan Georgiev and the reporter and host of bTV News Beste Sabri collected stories of destruction, separated families, salvation and hope in the special edition of bTV Reporters dedicated to the tragedy.