The newsroom of bTV traditionally covered the preliminary parliamentary elections in an objective and large-scale way with over 18 hours of television broadcast from three television studios in the 360-degree studio of bTV News, a special election arena with a live audience, studio in the building of the National Assembly and a special digital studio. The results of the metrics agency GARB for October 2 show that viewers chose bTV's election studios throughout the day and in the evening.

At the heart of the large-scale journalistic concept is a follow-up of voting day highlights, features from international correspondents and special reporters with up-to-date information on voting abroad, exclusive guests, investigations from around the country, for the first time the results came to life in the Parliament building via last generation augmented reality, and all bTV reporters continued to inform the audience for irregularities.

The election broadcasts were divided into three segments during the whole day, each of which was preferred by the television audience over the program of the competing television stations.

bTV's polling day marathon "New Elections 2022: What's Next?" started at 7am with the start of election day. The presenters Maria Tsantsarova and Victoria Petrova followed the most current, interesting and important of the day in an objective and attractive way and at the highest journalistic standards until 12 o'clock. 26.2% of TV viewers of all age groups in this time slot chose the bTV show:

Current information from the electoral divisions, journalistic investigations and data on voter turnout from the CEC, viewers learned from the morning news every hour from 7am to 12pm with Maria Vankova and in the extended lunch show with Victoria Goteva and Ivaylo Vezenkov.

In the afternoon hours from 2 pm to 4 pm, Veselina Petrakieva and Rosen Tsvetkov hosted the election studio. Their guests were top analysts and sociologists, key political figures, beloved artists and bTV famous personalities. A total of 23.2% of TV viewers chose the bTV program, with the absolute number of viewers increasing from 256 thousand in the morning slot to 321 thousand in the early afternoon.

Sociologists, political scientists, journalists, politicians, historians and communication experts were the first to comment on the first data on election activity, possible coalitions and decisions in the special election studio of bTV, which started at 4 p.m. The presenters Anton Hekimyan, Svetoslav Ivanov and Zlatimir Yochev focused on the experts' analyzes of the economy at a time of rising inflation, price jumps and a difficult winter ahead. Maria Tsantsarova welcomed guests to the pre-election arena, where reporter Rumen Skrinski talked to the live audience.

With the help of innovative three-dimensional graphics, Liliana Boyanova and Ivan Georgiev presented the first results of the voting based on data from the independent sociological agencies "Market Links" and "Alfa Research". The two used a parliamentary calculator for possible mathematical coalitions. The afternoon segment was preferred by 25.4% of TV viewers, with a total of 423.9 thousand choosing the bTV program, compared to 298.4 choosing the competing shows:

The central broadcast of bTV news from 19:00 with presenter Yuksel Kadriev from the news studio and Victoria Petrova from the relocated studio in the Parliament attracted 28.7% of the viewers.

The bTV viewers learned the first results from the special studio with host Victoria Petrova in the Parliament at the end of the Election Day. Over 737,000 people chose bTV at 8 pm, which is 32.11% of all viewers, compared to 23.17% for competitor Nova TV, preferred by 532.27 viewers at that time. For the first time in the heart of parliamentarianism, viewers saw the percentage distribution of party results with the help of augmented reality.

The election broadcast from all studios continued until 01.00, with 22.4% of the viewers watching the broadcast, which is an average of 420 thousand people for the over 5 hours broadcast.

In addition to following everything that happens during the election day on the air, on the websites of bTV, bTVnovinite.bg and bTV Radio, the users had the opportunity to join the news flow by submitting signals in the new "I, Reporter" application.

The special section "The New Elections 2022: What's Next?" on btvnovinte.bg gathered all the most important in one place in real time, marking a jump in visits to the site by 64% compared to the average results for the last four weeks.

On the day of the vote, 31% more users searched for information on the media's news site compared to previous Sundays. For the first time, the television also offered content specifically for online users - the web department of bTV News presented exclusive interviews and shots from the kitchen on elections day.