Three awards and 9 nominations for bTV in the Web Report competition for pure journalism

BTV journalists Maria Tsantsarova, Radiana Bozhikova and Dimitar Tasev received three journalistic awards


Three awards and 9 nominations for bTV in the annual competition for pure journalism "Web Report", organized by Journalist Maria Tsantsarova received a special journalistic award for her investigation into the vaccination of members of the Vazrazhdane party.

The reporters Radiana Bozhikova, the cameraman Dobromir Ivanov and the sports journalist Dimitar Tasev also received awards.

Dimitar Tasev was honored for his film "Doping in the Deep Waters", Radiana Bozhikova and Dobromir Ivanov - for "I am Burnesha" - a story about the last sworn virgins of Albania.

Maria Tsantsarova received her award for the investigation which exposed Vazrazhdane MPs speaking out against the COVID vaccines, while they themselves were immunized.

Kristina Gazieva, Gabriela Andreeva, Ladislav Tsvetkov, Evgeniy Milov and Yavor Nikolov are runners-up in the other categories.

"I am convinced that there are topics on which it is unacceptable for politicians to speculate. People's lives and health is one of those topics. When your messages question vaccination, while you have chosen to protect yourself and your family , I think that this behavior should be exposed, "said Maria Tsantsarova.

"This story was brand new to me and it was extremely inspiring - to tell something that is happening near us. Of course, it feels very nice to win any award, especially one given by journalists to journalists. - when they evaluate colleagues, it is very special ", said Dobromir Ivanov.

Here are the nominations by category:

Technology and innovation

Yavor Nikolov, bTV: Parler, Gab and Hackers: Virtual Wars with Real Indirect Victims


Denislav Borisov, bTV: Success stories


Maria Tsantsarova, bTV: For which MPs vaccines arean "experimental liquid", but in fact they are immunized

Photo report

Ladislav Tsvetkov, bTV: "Mission 360. Going down the rapids of Bosnia and Montenegro"

Evgeniy Milov, Lost in time: The Village of Gugutka

Video report

Radiana Bozhikova, bTV: bTV Reporters: Albania's last sworn virgins

Maria Tsantsarova, bTV: To the last breath: Documentary story from the COVID recovery ward of the Military Medical Academy (video)

True stories

Gabriela Andreeva: Investigation of bTV: Man dies after beating in a nursing home without a license

Kristina Gazieva: "The Saved": The letter that made a pediatric surgeon cry (video) "