Effectiveness Rules by Effie standards

How to Build Truly Successful Campaigns – with insights from the Australian Market*


At the Effie Bulgaria Awards ceremony last week, the most successful campaigns of 2019 became clear. For the most effective agency of the year was announced Saatchi & Saatchi Sofia. For the most effective advertiser - Coca-Cola Bulgaria.

The Effie Awards are a symbol of all marketing communications that contribute to the brands success. Their focus is on the effective ideas that work.

We see that the platforms of bTV Media Group remain recognized as powerful and effective main channel for marketing communications and brand building. Nothing beats the scale and the mass reach of high-quality video content. Being at the same time the ultimate storyteller.

bTV Media Group is constantly seeking for new effective solutions to help its’ advertisers share more, engage more and reach the widest possible audience.

To see how the brands are scoring high on other markets, we have studied the report summarizing the analysis of real results from 143 Effie winning campaigns, within the past two years in Australia. It is presented by the iconic Robert Brittain and Peter Field and thinkTV.

The duo aims to test whether the most effective campaigns have broad target markets, what the effect of longer campaigns is, the impact of longer campaign evaluation periods, and how emotional campaigns are compared to rational creatives.

According to Peter Field, the report "skewers the myth that a program of unconnected short term activities can ever replicate the value of a long term campaign."


Targeting: Broad is best

 A broad target is more effective in driving both business and brand effects delivering more new customers and stronger brand profit growth. Only 4% of campaigns with a narrow target delivered new customers. And only 9%  of the narrow-targeted campaigns delivered brand profit growth.

Emotion works over the longer term


Emotional campaigns drive larger brand effects yielding stronger impacts on metrics related to brand memory structures.

Longer is more effective



Longer duration campaigns deliver stronger business effects and longer campaign evaluation periods enable larger business and brand effects to be seen.

The best from the best


Considering the ability of high-quality broadcaster video content to deliver unrivalled attention levels combined with its mass reach, it’s no surprise that 60% of the most effective campaigns use TV as the lead channel.

For more insights on the role of premium broadcaster video follow the report here.