High Quality Video Content – the Right Track to Finding the Proper Target Audience in the Right Moment

bTV Media Group has rich palette opportunities for brand integration into the video content on all of its platforms


The top quality content made available within the multiplatform universe of bTV Media Group provides unique space for advertisers and brands of all sectors to expand their communication strategies in a powerful and brand safe environment.

The attention of audiences in front of the TV and digital screens is best retained through effective video. Being a source of credible, positive and top rated publicity and entertainment content, bTV Media Group creates a trustworthy context for ad campaigns, with the added value of closely monitoring their execution in a fast-paced and extremely dynamic media landscape. The excellent results, which flow from the mix of traditional spot advertising and alternative forms, as well as the possibility to masterfully craft the access to audiences, ensures that brands are set in the right environment.

Our team has the expertise to offer impactful integrations  around our strong titles, and help our partners share more, engage stronger and reach the biggest number of users.


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