Making the Perfect Media Mix and How Radio is Becoming a Successful Communication System

The range of the bTV Radio Group platforms, combined with the television and digital channels of bTV Media Group, give advertisers the opportunity to promote their brands and enhance their impact on the audience


In the past year, bTV Radio Group, which includes the radio stations N-JOY, bTV Radio, Z-Rock, Jazz FM and Classic FM, demonstrates visible development. The team has already improved the technical provisions for the channels, and the synergy of content and advertising between the radio group, the main bTV channel and the other digital platforms of bTV Media Group have made significant progress.

Radio advertising at bTV Radio Group enables our partners to receive individual attention and creative support from a team of professionals, starting with discussing the brand, product or service itself, and going through creative brainstorming and precision targeting, so as to prepare the most appropriate media mix for optimal results from the positioning of the respective brand, product, or service. The range of the group's radio channels and the content we create offer unique opportunities for memorable, recognizable and effective campaigns. By monitoring the habits in media consumption, with bTV Radio, Jazz FM, Classic FM, Z-Rock and N-JOY, we reach unique combinations of different target groups. With each radio brand, the television and online audiences of bTV Media Group are further expanded, creating more connections between the brands and the everyday life of each user.

We also note the development of the media group with regard to the impact on the audience. A study by the Market Links sociological agency in 2018 shows that audience shares reached by television, radio and the web have very little overlap - only 40.2% between radio and television, and only 30% between radio and the web.


This means that bTV Media Group and bTV Radio Group provide clients and partners with the best opportunity to build the perfect media mix. Thus, radio is becoming an integral part of a successful communication campaign, allowing advertisers to reach different targets and achieve comprehensive audience reach.

The strategy of BTV Media Group is to produce high-quality and unique content for various platforms such as television, radio and the web. The multi-platform approach allows us to extend the user experience, including tailor-made advertising solutions for maximum efficiency.

A good example of this is bTV Radio, where we enrich the content of the news and current affairs shows of bTV with original journalistic commentary shows with a highly distinguishable style and with hosts with vast professional experience and a modern approach to presenting current issues. By the end of the year the radio team will become part of bTV's news desk and will work even closer with the television newsroom.

We also show development in our themed channels - Jazz FM and Classic FM. As the only radio for jazz, soul, funk and world music in Bulgaria, Jazz FM provides its listeners with a unique musical selection, while embracing its mission to describe, store and popularize Bulgarian jazz history in the Jazz Stories segment. Jazz FM is a modern radio that also covers and monitors the current jazz scene. We recently started broadcasting live concerts in the Jazz Emotions show, and with the new show Jazztronica we focus on modern jazz club music. The show is suitable for presenting alternative brands that want to get involved with the modern sound of jazz and the contemporary club scene.Classic FM, the only radio for classical music, also develops its music selection with new segments such as the recently launched Classic Crossover. It presents modern performances of classical works by musicians such as David Gareth, 2 Cellos and Georgi Cherkin. The Traffic Relax segment is broadcast every workday in the evening drive-time - between 6 pm and 7 pm - and targets drivers who need an hour of good music for a more enjoyable time during traffic jams.

With regard to the Z-Rock brand owned by bTV Media Group, its priority development in the digital environment continues, and we foresee improvements to the online news platform and the development of a podcasting system. The website, as well as the profiles of the radio in the social networks, are rated first among the strongest and most legitimate digital rock media.

Through the radios Z-Rock, Classic FM, Jazz FM and bTV Radio, advertisers have access to very specific audiences, and through the air of radio N-JOY, bTV Radio Group also provides the widest range of listeners on a national scale. As the largest musical radio chain in the country, N-JOY covers over 50 cities across Bulgaria. Latest surveys by the GARB people-metric agency for the first quarter of 2018 confirm the successful results of N-JOY as the most listened radio in the country with over 14% audience share! This makes the radio a leader in the most critically-thinking listener category (18-36). More than 200,000 people are reached on a daily basis.

The largest game in the radio air, Inspector N-JOY, continues to maintain the interest of the audience, and will tour the country this year as well, providing the opportunity for a variety of forms of advertising positioning, and realizing massive communication campaigns. The campaign Inspector N-JOY will travel around the country and advertisers will be able to promote their products, services or brands to consumers across Bulgaria.

Through tailor-made promotions and unique content (games, interviews and lots of humor), the brands come alive to reach fans even more effectively.

An example of such a successful campaign is the Green Adventure of Inspector N-JOY and Sofia Municipality that united efforts to promote the best eco practices in the country. For announcing these messages over 1000 times on the air, the campaign received the Clean Play award.

For bTV Media Group, growth and development are the result of quality content created on all media platforms.

bTV Radio Group continues to establish itself as the group with the most diversified audience, mainly due to the specific targeting of the channels - both by age and by specific lifestyle profiles.

bTV Radio Group has also become the group with the highest quality radio product thanks to its strong programming schemes, which are regularly enriched by new segments and topical content.

As a global media company, bTV Media Group implements worldwide trends locally across all of its platforms in terms of both content and advertising opportunities. The goal is for advertisers to share more, engage more, and reach greater and more loyal audiences.


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