The Future of Visual Storytelling is Here

Steps to Execution of Branded Augmented Reality in bTV Media Group


Self-development is higher duty than self-sacrifice” Elizabth Stanton says, in 19th century. The drive for greater efficiency, more opportunity and diversity is quite understandable in every aspect of our lives today. For us, the future is not a horizon, it is now. As we look back at the evolution of technology - from the creation of the telegraph, through the home phone, to the video revolution, and to the holographic conversation, we realize that we are too distracted by the pace of progress.

We are changing the way we communicate, move, travel, process information, manage our households and our income.

It's no surprise that in the age of technology, attention span is getting harder. Video consumption is growing significantly. Content is crucial. We have the opportunity to repair the door handle or build a plane - without having to be experts. We have access to global knowledge - only through contact with electricity and the global network.

The visual narrative, reinforced by technological capabilities, is a revolutionary response to educational videos and books in the “do-it-yourself“ category.

Emotional storytelling, video quality and sound design are all part of the toolkit for gaining viewer attention. The audience is looking for content with high production quality and quickly judge when it is missing. If your video looks amateurish, so does your story - even today kids can tell which stories were created by professionals.

Here are some practical tips for creating more engaging and memorable brand integrations leveraging the augmented reality video formats now.

STEP 1: Defining the idea and setting 3D object based on main guidelines about the potential integration by the client. An indicative offer including airing price and approximate cost for execution is created.

STEP 2: Storyboard Technical consultation and Sending storyboard to media.

At this point the client gets concrete financial offer.

STEP 3: Technical requirements for 3D objects

The 3D objects of advertiser are sent to media for tracking and synchronization with the media’s augment system.

Here the media can indicate the final offer to client.

STEP 4: Testing of objects in media’s AR system.

The 3D objects are placed in the virtual reality of the media. The testing period takes around 10 days from receiving of the augment objects.

The bTV team remains available for technology-driven, memorable solutions for your brand.


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