MEN in the KITCHEN with a Special Culinary Video Series – the New Online Project of bTV Media Group

The video series is available at, which is also the fastest growing website in the bTV Media Group portfolio

With the start of the traditionally strong fall season, so begins the new online video project of the culinary trio, MEN in the KITCHEN.

Niki, Daniel and Kolyo are some of the most memorable, attractive and visible characters from the last season of MasterChef Bulgaria. They are successful men outside the kitchen and very entertaining in it. Of course, they cook amazingly. The new trio is called MEN in the KITCHEN and starts with a web series in September.

The MEN in the KITCHEN concept is a combination of delicious food, drinks and interactive culinary games. The goal is to provide online users with a culinary experience, not only for their taste and body, but especially for their soul and good mood. The concept includes the preparation of gourmet cuisine as well as simple recipes, innovative drinks and cocktails, cooking challenges, the combination of different types of cuisine and author's recipes, presented in an unorthodox manner, interactive culinary games and entertainment, aiming to recreate the spirit of MasterChef.

The video series is available on, which is also the fastest growing website in the bTV Media Group portfolio. The format consists of short online video episodes, 3 times a week, with a duration between 6 and 10 minutes. The three chefs present fast, easy-to-remember and affordable ideas in a memorable, dynamic and fun way, to attract the attention of viewers and to prove that cooking food at home can be easy, quick and healthy.

The main target of the show is the active population in the big cities, between 25 and 55 years of age, with a dynamic lifestyle, who despite the hectic rhythm of their everyday life, are keen on the preparation and consumption of delicious and healthy food. To reach them in a memorable way, bTV Media Group offers advertisers the opportunity to connect their brands to the format through individually created product positioning included in the scripts of the individual episodes. The Sales team is available and if you are interested, a successful advertising campaign will be created for the relevant brand, connected to high-quality and positive content.


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