Fresh Faces And New Thematic Rubrics Bring Generations Together In The New Season Of "Before Noon" On bTV

The motto of the new season is "Closer to you"


"Before Noon" returned to the air of bTV on September 4 (Monday) and besides a new host - the charismatic Petar Dochev, delighted viewers with a new studio, new graphic packaging and a bunch of new columns with fresh new faces. Desi and Peter open the doors of their new home at 9:30am sharp for exciting encounters and lots of fun. The combination of modern design and a feeling of space and comfort is at the heart of Before Noon's new look. From this Fall, the most diverse entertainment show on Bulgarian air will be broadcast from the new bTV studio complex and will continue to present interesting and inspiring characters and stories not only from Bulgaria, but also from around the world, every weekday from 09:30 to 12:00.

"It has been a hot summer for the team at "Before Noon" - both literally and figuratively. But there is a very nice excitement when you start something from the beginning. Restarting a project is always a challenge. Peter Dochev's arrival after a very tough casting with over 70 people was something that delighted our whole team. This will be especially challenging for Desi, because your screen partner more or less becomes your family," said the creative producer of the show Georgi Toshev in the studio of "This Morning". "This year our motto is: 'Closer to you!', in the hope that the themes and characters will make viewers' pre-lunch quite interesting," he added.

The new season of "Before Noon" will also be oriented towards young people, who will actively participate in the show through the new series "Generation Z". In it, young people aged 18 to 25 in the person of NATFA student Aleona Vergova - daughter of Bulgarian actor Julian Vergov, the girl with the inimitable "gothic" style Rada Dimitrova and the student of the French High School Sofia Strinska, together with three of their co-hosts, will present everything that modern young people are interested in. Together with the team of "Before Noon" they will comment on themes, characters and plots, create stories and enter into discussions with the older ones to hear their voice and their point of view.

The digital world will also be an integral part of the new season of Before Noon. The journalist and cinematographer Nikolay Barulov will return to Bulgarian television with his own series, presenting the daily life and stories of celebrities and ordinary people in the segment Vlogger. Nikolay will offer something very innovative for the Bulgarian TV air - he will follow how a day passes for different people, filmed with a 360-degree reality camera, and viewers will witness how even the inner monologue can be captured and sealed by modern technology.

Among the new additions to the team of "Before Noon" is the coach Vanina Tsoneva - a specialist in sexual and human relations, recently returned from America, who will present her weekly column "Sex/Relations". In it, intimacy will be put on a pedestal and discussed in all its manifestations, and through the topics and expert guests, viewers will be able to find out if they know their sexuality well.

The charming Polly Nedkova will present events from the world of cinema, and will also show the places from which the magic of the seventh art "happens". Especially for the viewers of "Before Noon" she will follow the big festivals from the front line and tell exciting stories from the history of Bulgarian cinema.

The colourful Vessy Tsurbrug will once again lead the culinary parade in the renovated studio of "Before Noon". In her typical inimitable style, she will make sure that the best chefs guest on the show and prepare the most delicious and healthy dishes. From October, Vessie will also challenge 'Before Noon' viewers to take part in exciting competitions to test their skills in the kitchen using innovative culinary techniques.

With the help of proven specialists, in the new season Veneta Georgieva will continue to change the viewers' vision in the "The Changed" column, while Vladimir Geshev will continue to present "Green Minutes" dedicated to ecology and sustainable living. Every Friday on "Before Noon" will also feature a guest DJ with a special playlist prepared by the guests on the show.

In the company of Desi and Peter, special commentators in the first week of the new season of "Before Noon" were "The Bachelor" Evgeni Genchev and reporter Eva Veselinova.

"In the next month and a half, the viewers of bTV will learn who are the other new faces and series that will be part of the "new" "Before Noon", says Georgi Toshev.