Philip Bukov Joins Alex Sarchadzhieva In "Life Based On A True Story"

The young actor "takes over the baton" from Ivo Arukov in the "Top 10" column


The talk show on bTV "Life Based On A True Story" will once again open the doors to the personal world of favourite celebrities and reveal the extraordinary human stories of ordinary people.

And in the new season, the audience favourite - actress Alexandra Sarchadzhieva - will welcome stars from Bulgaria's musical, artistic, sporting and social life, who will share their most personal emotions and most dramatic moments, let the cameras into the secret corners of their homes, introduce viewers to their closest ones and will not hide anything from their professional lives. The chilling personal stories told by them in person will continue to prove that even the most glamorous stars have their low moments and life's downfalls. Alexandra Sarchadzhieva's first guest was boxer Tervel Pulev, who was candid about the blows in the ring and in life.

Every Saturday, lovers of the beautiful and aesthetic will immerse themselves in the magic of the "My New Self" column. In it, the producer of the production - Radost Draganova - will again present to the viewers ordinary people with extraordinary destinies. Apart from a friendly shoulder, comfort and understanding, these people also need a physical transformation to give them the confidence and strength to move on with their lives. From acquired scars and injuries to inborn imperfections, all will be expertly taken care of by our large team of specialists in all areas of aesthetic and dental medicine.

"This is a segment of the show that I'm very personally connected to because I follow the stories of so many people - there are thousands who have signed up. In most cases, these are people who have fallen, but have managed to get back up, overcome the hardest and move on," said Radost Draganova in the studio of "Before Noon".

The newest face of "Life Based On A True Story" is the favorite actor of the young generation Philip Bukov. On September 16, he "took over the baton" from another iconic face of bTV - Ivo Arukov, to head the column "Top 10" - a ranking of famous people and events, ranked by contribution and popularity in all sorts of categories. In the new season, Philip Bukov will be the man who will present the top ten places with an unconventional look at the world of the famous, and in the first issue viewers will find out who the "10 hottest VIP stories of the summer" are.

Watch Philip Bukov and Radost Draganova's guest appearance on "Before Noon"