The Farm: Unification with a Web Edition Goran and the Farmers

Goran and the Farmers have the ultimate goal of giving viewers a different viewpoint to The Farm and everything related to it.

Goran of the Forest returns with new goals, ambitions and missions! After the undisputed success of the videos with the exclusive online character of season 3 of The Farm, available at, Goran is ready to offer viewers even more interesting content in a digital environment. The video production of the online platform of the last season of the show reached more than 7.3 million views, and this fall it is expected to improve this result thanks to the new concept of the online series.

Goran and Vanya Jaferovich, who will be one of the farmers, have the ultimate goal of giving viewers a different viewpoint of The Farm and everything related to it. The two men are strong characters, competitive and colorful, who will contribute to the format with natural charm and presence.

Goran is no longer in exile, but is part of The Farm, though not fully. He continues to live in the woods and around the new farm where he is building his own camp - and he is not alone. Vanya helps him. They have also recruited former farmers and intend to "steal" some of the new ones, who will drop out in the course of the new season. One of their missions is to put the old and new contestants, and even themselves, in battles that will aim to give a second chance to many of the dropped out farmers. They will work together on many tasks, they will analyze everything that happens in The Farm, but most importantly they will have fun and learn together.

Goran and Vanya want to touch the magic of the Farm, so together with the other farmers they will discuss interesting issues with the contestants in the new season as soon as they drop out.

The new video series Goran and the Farmers gives advertisers the opportunity to connect their brands to new, nonconventional and interesting high quality digital content, tied to one of the most watched shows on Bulgarian television - The Farm.


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