The Most Prestigious European Club Football Tournaments - On The Channels Of bTV Media Group Until 2024

The football buzz begins as early as August 11 with the UEFA Super Cup, and matches from the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Conference League will be broadcast exclusively on bTV Action, RING and VOYO.BG

Matches between the best teams in Europe, dramatic battles and high adrenaline will dominate football fans in the coming seasons in the channels of bTV Media Group. Once again, the media group acquired the right to be a partner in the most prestigious and watched club football tournaments on the Old Continent - until 2024. The broadcasting rights include the UEFA Champions League matches on Wednesday and the finals between the two best teams, matches and final battles of the UEFA Europa League and the matches for the UEFA Super Cup in the upcoming three football seasons. An interesting highlight of the program will be the newest UEFA tournament – the Conference League, which is expected to see participation from some of the best Bulgarian teams.

"The strongest club football tournament in Europe and why not in the world has once again found its home where for 21 years the successful partnership between UEFA and bTV brings incomparable emotion to football fans in front of the screens. We believe in the success of the formula, well-known in UEFA - no changes are made in a winning team ", commented Gospodin Yovchev, Chief Operating Officer of bTV Media Group, on the occasion of acquiring the rights to broadcast matches from UEFA tournaments for the next three-year period.

Fans of football and UEFA tournaments will be able to follow the performance of the best club teams on the Old Continent from the playoff phase of the UEFA Champions League in August. In the hottest month of the year, the first match of the upcoming season will be played - the match for the UEFA Super Cup. The game between Chelsea and Villarreal in Belfast on August 11 will be broadcast on bTV Action.

The viewers will be able to watch the first matches in the UEFA Europa League and UEFA League of Conferences from mid-September 2021 on the channels of bTV Media Group, as well as on the platform for high-quality video content VOYO.BG.
Traditionally, every Wednesday Champions TV promises the users of website a 90-minute live broadcast with the most important moments from all six late-night matches of the UEFA Champions League tournament - goals, cards, dangerous situations, injuries, beam hits and more.

The sports department at bTV prepares for the viewers additional exclusive content and special commentary programs with the participation of famous football personalities, which will be included directly from the studios of bTV Media Group.