„Before Noon" Opened the Season in a New Studio and with New Appealing Segments

Desi Stoyanova and Sasho Kadiev opened the doors of their new state-of-the-art home for exciting interviews, lots of fun and original series


The new season of "Before Noon" is launching the new hi-tech studio of bTV. The ever-smiling Desi Stoyanova and Sasho Kadiev took on the role of newcomers moving in, live on the air of bTV, and congratulating their neighbors and colleagues from "This Morning", bTV News, the sports news and the weather forecast, with whom they share the new integrated space.

The combination of modern design, a sense of space, and state-of-the-art technology, is at the heart of the new visual identity of the show, which will continue to delight viewers this fall, every weekday from 9:30, with a lot of positivism and a rich variety of original rubrics. As of the new season, fans will also be able to find curious content from "Before Noon" on one of the most visited news websites in our country https://btvnovinite.bg/.

Starting in September, the reporters of "Before Noon" will travel virtually around the world, to find intriguing people, places and happenings and present them to viewers in their own unique way and in a variety of segments.

The co-host of the show "Bulgaria's Got Talent", Daniel Petkanov, will discover "Hidden Talents" with amazing capabilities and, along with Desi and Sasho, will test his limits in extreme and funny challenges.

Meanwhile, the stories of the talents behind the iconic Bulgarian songs will be told every week in the segment of Kosio Filipov, "Tell me a song". The journalist promises viewers musical journeys back in time, in which songwriters, composers and performers will be reminded of what inspired them to create evergreens such as "Kletva", "Sbogom", "Elate ni na gosti", "Telefonna lyubov" and many more hits loved by generations.

The beginning of the school year will open with "Back to School". Popular personalities will sit behind the desk in their own classrooms to tell their stories from the school years. Sports will also be a focus, as Veneta Georgieva will meet young athletic hopefuls who are preparing for the Tokyo 2020 Games with the old bearers of Olympic glory.

In the emblematic segment "The Spirit of Health", Dr. Nedelya Shtonova will be true to her style of talking with international experts and presenting all the current trends in modern medicine. Leo Bianchi will also continue to discover new culinary destinations and challenges in "Life is Beautiful."

The show will also retain the beloved and established series such as "The Mystical Bulgaria", "The Album", "In Shape", "Like in the Movies", the minutes for fashion and travel, and the different perspectives on the world of culture, art, science and social life that contribute to the leadership position of "Before Noon" in its time slot on weekdays. According to GARB data, for the first half of 2019, the show achieved an audience share of 44.5% (4+).


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