Brand Integration Ideas In Bulgaria's Got Talent That You Simply Cannot Miss

This Spring the global talent show returns on bTV and will conquer the air and the digital world


The seventh season of the most successful TV talent show in our country promises to be more than impressive. The breathtaking performances will take place in a brand new studio with many video walls and, of course, in full compliance with the anti-epidemic measures.

Over 160 talents will be evaluated again by the glamorous jury - the wonderful Slavena Vatova, the charming Katerina Evro, the critical Lyuben Dilov-son and the uncompromising Itso Hazarta.

And how impressive the talents are this year, we can only guess, since on the first day of filming, the jury already used the Golden Buzzer.

The innovations and opportunities for positioning advertisers in the digital content of "Bulgaria's Got Talent" do not stop there.

The popular vlogger and young director - Kris Zahariev - is the new face of the digital content of the show. The smiling young man with tens of thousands of followers on social media, millions of video views on YouTube will lead the viewers of his favorite talent show on bTV behind the scenes, for even more fun and unaired moments. The segment "More from Bulgaria's Got Talent" with Kris Zahariev will have two episodes a week and will be available on

A key element in "Bulgaria's Got Talent", which offers an exceptional opportunity for branding integration, is the option "Save the Talent".

It gives and exclusive chance only to the online users at  to vote and return one of the dropped-out contestants back to the show.

Voting lasts 24 hours on a specially created page, and the emotions are more than positive.

Voting will be promoted on the air, and various branded reach media formats will be used, as well as a special teaser promo, which will be published on online platforms immediately after the announcement on bTV.

With this kind of voting in 2020 in "The Voice of Bulgaria" we provoked over 350,000 people to vote for their favorites and return them directly to the grand finale.

Of course, among the digital opportunities, we cannot miss the special 360-degree finale of "Bulgaria's Got Talent". The three-dimensional adventure, which has already shown exceptional results for a number of brands, is expected to attract over 130,000 unique views.

The digital opportunities for advertising positioning in "Bulgaria's Got Talent" are waiting for you in full force! Do not hesitate to take advantage!